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About the Chakras

Here is a daily guidebook which focuses on the philosophy of the chakras and
suggest specific meditative and balancing techniques for the chakras.
It is recommended to dedicate a whole week: 
7 days, 7 Chakras - everyday day focusing on a different Chakra.
It's recommended to start at the beginning of the week, on Monday*, and move
on to the next chakra the next day. 
First read the explanation about the chakra to get an idea on what element to 
focus on, and then move on to practice the meditation as described.
People who have used this weekly exercise and shared their experience with me were truly uplifting and touching, and I highly recommend it!

Monday - first chakra
Tuesday - second chakra
Wednesday - third chakra
Thursday - fourth chakra
Friday - fifth chakra
Saturday - sixth chakra
Sunday - seventh chakra
also, check the Chakra Healing - Free Online Course!
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