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Energetic Healing

Aura Balancing
Energetic imbalance can affect our behavior in the world,
our feelings, our energy and our overall physical and mental
state. It might cause ailments, diseases and negative emotions
such as depression, feeing "stuck" or lost. Daphna's healing
methods are based on the ancient Indian medicine belief of 
chakras, 7 energy centers radiating from inside the body 
outwards, and in charge of our emotional, physical, energetic
and mental health.
Healing occurs through our energetic frequency, cleansing our
Aura from everything that doesn't serve it anymore, from our
past or even past lives.
The treatment is aimed to redirect the un-flowing energy or painful areas, and is done by energy touch, crystals, stones, pendulum and other tools.
In its central axis, the body holds 7 major energy centers, and many minor ones in its perimeter.
Each energy center is responsible for the organs in that area, and thus our physical performance, as well as our mental behavior, emotional and spiritual decisions. Every chakra is also associated with a psychological patterns and elements. You can read more about chakras here.
Who can benefit from a healing treatment?
Energy healing helps to develop awareness and personal growth, gain a deep communication with the self, offer spiritual growth and increased intuition. 
Healing helps us to connect to our Cosmic Mission and calling, connecting with our higher guidance, cleanse ourselves from past traumas, and also offer a relief or elimination of physical pain .
chakra healing
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