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I am Daphna Mavor, an energetic healer, spiritual medicine woman, speaker, 
complementary and alternative medicine practitioner,
combining therapeutic tools from the IPEC Method, energetic Chakra Healing
and aura balancing, kinesiology and Chinese acupressure.
With 13 years of experience, having worked with thousands of clients, 
I travel extensively around the world, focusing on teaching courses worldwide,
offering personal sessions online for physical difficulties and deep emotional growth.
I have 2 beautiful children, Ben and Yuvali, and am married to Ronen. 
We live in Cascais, Portugal. 
If you'd like to invite me to lead courses in your area - contact me here.

Field of expertise: 

  • Energy healing, aura cleansing and chakra balancing
  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Food sensitivities and intolerances, IBS, Crohn's disease
  • Skin problems
  • Holistic fertility, Gynecology, menstruation and women's health issues
  • Allergies and autoimmune disorders 
  • Addictions - physical and emotional addictions to substances, foods, and addictive behaviors and patterns.
  • Couple's healing focused on fertility issues
  • Men's fertility​

Success Rates:

Detailed here are my personal success rates of the last 13 years, summarizing more than1000 cases! 
  • Candida and vaginal infections - 100% success rate 
  • Digestive problems - 100% 
  • Achieving pregnancy* and increasing fertility* - 100%
  • PMDD - 100%
  • PMS - 100%
  • Eating disorders - 100%
  • Sexual assault survivors and PTSD - 100%
  • Addictions** -  85%
  • Allergies - 70-80%
  • Skin problems - 40%
  • MS - massive improvement of symptoms, and increasing times between attacks.

  • Digestive issues - 100%
  • Skin problems - 100%
  • Parasites - 95%
  • Asthma - 90%
  • ADHD  - 80%
  • Allergies - 70-80%
*countless of women achieving their pregnancy within 3 months, (some even after 1 or 2 sessions!), after they've been through the IVF journey for about a year.
Also, for women going through fertility preservation (freezing their eggs), by working together we were able to drastically increase the yield. 

**addictions to smoking, weed, alcohol, sweets, biting fingernails

Professional Info:

BSc biology and marine sciences
MSc epidemiology, preventative medicine and public health,
research field: fertility treatments and their emotional effect on women.
IPEC Method practitioner
Senior healer
Shiatzu therapist
Upcoming workshops

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