Daphna Mavor

Medicine Woman & ​Wisdom Keeper
A teacher is merely a vessel that temporarily remembers
that which the pupil temporarily forgot.
My role is to remind you of your wisdom. 
Field of expertise
  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Food sensitivities and intolerantes, IBS, Crohn's disease
  • Allergies and autoimmune disorders 
  • Holistic fertility, Gynecology, menstruation and women's health issues
  • Couple's healing focused on fertility issues
  • Men's fertility
  • Energy healing, high energetic cleanses, aura cleansing and chakra balancing
  • Addictions - physical and emotional addictions to substances, foods, and addictive behaviors and patterns.
Professional Info
BSc in biology and marine sciences, Ruppin College, Israel.
MSc in epidemiology, preventative medicine and public health. Tel Aviv University.
Research: emotional hormonal effect on women undergoing fertility treatments.
Senior Healer.
IPEC Method practitioner.
Daphna is an energetic Healer, spiritual medicine woman, speaker, complementary and alternative medicine practitioner, 
combining therapeutic tools from the IPEC Method, energetic Chakra Healing and aura balancing, kinesiology and Chinese acupressure.
Daphna teaches and leads healing courses worldwide, guides workshops for women and offers personal sessions for physical difficulties and deep emotional growth, in her practices in Berlin and Tel Aviv and online.
During her career, Daphna was able, for the first time in public medicine, to implement and work the IPEC Method into an integrative medicine unit in a major hospital in Israel and was working there for 4 years, after which she decided to focus on her private clinic.