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The First Chakra - Muladhara

About the Chakra
The first Chakra is located in the pelvic area of the tailbone and its energetic color is red or brown.
It is associated to the element of earth and related issues - Feeling secure and grounded, having a
sense of stability. It is threatened when we have to deal with things that threaten our physical 
survival, such as financial issues, housing problems, existential fears and death.
The 1st chakra is all about grounding.
Here is where everything starts from.
The seed needs to be planted, feel the secure, wrapping warmth of the enclosed Earth, and feel
safe in its surroundings, knowing that these surroundings will present nourishment, energy,
stability, balance, roots, safety, security for the seed’s growth.
Trees have so much to teach us. They have the patience to grow with structure and stability in their own steady pace. Let us agree to be the seed for a moment, before we rush to move on with our growth. Let us agree to become the seed – holding in so much potential energy, allowing ourselves to be the container of this energy, not yet releasing it. Let us agree to become the seed, and allow the Earth to surround us, to hug us with Her warmth. Let us feel this hug, remembering what Home is.
Home. Secure, stable, grounded, rooted in place and time, dense with nourishing energy. This is where we belong.
Earth. We are Earth.
This is the energy of the 1st chakra: First we built our home. Our container, our wholeness - that long wished for grounding base, giving us support, comfort, stability, a sense of logic within the chaos. 
First we build our home, our structure, our base, and gain security, stability, feel safe. All of us need it, and all of us need to give healing aspects to our homes.
In the beginning we were born to a reality in which we took it as a given that Home will be a stable, nourishing environment for us. And then one day – came a shock. The Earth beneath our feet shook for the first time. Whether it was a broken home, our parents’ divorce, or even just that first time our mothers were angry at us, or unable to tend to our needs or eliminate the physical pain we experienced... we suddenly realized that our Mother and Father are not only providers of Love, warmth and nourishment, but a source for our pain.  In a way, we felt a sense of betrayal. Our default, innate sense of security in the world was not obvious anymore.
How could the Earth and the Mother disappoint us so? How could this Earthly body and reality create pain and not only comfort and nourishment? We trusted it to support us without hesitations, and were then shaken to the core when it cracked.
All of us need healing for these issues. We need to understand how to make peace with the Earth once again. How to not be baffled, angry towards it. How to trust It for supporting us. How to lean back and relax into it once again. How to make peace with the Earth. Now that we are grown-ups, it is on us to create a home for us.
Of course, the Earth had to shake. We need to acknowledge the dynamic of nature. Earthquakes happen, and they happen for a reason. If the Earth wouldn’t shake, there would be no movement, the seed would remain stagnant, dormant in the Earth’s hug, buried deep in Earth, never sprouting. Just as the seed needs to invest energy for growing, the Earth needs to move to give it room to grow.
But before we grow (that is the 2nd chakra) we need to learn how to become the seed again, to remember how comforting that hug of the Earth feels like, learn to trust Her again, forgive Her.
Because the Earth is always here for us. It feels joy in providing for us. Let us agree to become the receivers of Her Love once again.
This can be done by the roots-grounding meditation. During the meditation, we experience once again how nice and comforting the sense of grounding feels like, encouraging us to ground ourselves even more.
The Earth is here for us.
Let us come back Home.
Energetic Crystals
An energetic crystal that is linked to the First Chakra, helping us to root down, is Hematite,
and you can meditate and hold these stones in the palm of your hand or next to your feet.
Hametite helps to stabilize the sense of security, safety, grounding and balance in the
Earth. It recommended for people who feel shaken, anxious, or who are going through
a hard time. 

First Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
Healing the first Chakra brings a huge amount of relief. We feel more stable, grounded, secure, and less prone to anxiety, fears or phobias. 
Physically, it works very well for people who suffer from anemia, and constant coldness of hands and feet. 
The healing process is very powerful for people who feel ungrounded and need some stability and reassuring techniques. 
People dealing with unsettling issues, such as moving houses, new job, new relationship, bank-overdraft, anxiety, phobias, or anything which might make them feel as if the "earth is shaking" - will benefit from it. 
I learned the next technique from a beloved teacher of mine, years ago.
It is a simple, yet very powerful exercise, and is highly recommended for everyone.
​There are never too many times you can practice it, and the more, the merrier. 
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
Find a quiet space and time for yourself, and get into your meditative zone.
After you relax your mind, this can easily be done by focusing on your breathing,
Allow yourself to aim your sensations into your pelvic area and tail-bone. 
Try to sense if that area might be too "cold", or "warm", perhaps; If it is too inactive, or hyperactive.
Any sensation you feel - is correct, because your intuition is always correct.
Do so until you feel the area vibrating, pulsating with energy, sending the breath to that area.
Give yourself as much time as you need to sense that area, even place your hand over it to focus your attention. 
When you feel you are ready, it's time for the guided visualization:
Visualize a root, or roots that are growing from your tail-bone.
The roots are digging their way from your body into the center of the earth.
It doesn't matter if you are sitting on the ground or on the 7th floor, these roots can be as long as you need them too be.
Notice the color, shape, texture, thickness, of your roots, especially in the connective areas with your body, and with the earth.
Travel deep inwards with them until you reach the center of the earth,
That hot, inner sphere, full of magma, of iron and nurturing minerals.
Once you found your way to the center of the earth, it is now within your right to suckle from it, like a baby suckling milk from it's mother.
Take all the energy you need, there is enough. The Earth is here to provide for you.
Imagine the pulsating roots suckle RED, full, life energy, from the center of the earth, all the way to your tail-bone. pelvic area, legs, feet, stomach, lungs, heart, shoulders, arms and hands, throat and the head.
At the same time, you can also release and let go of everything you don't need anymore, and give it back to the Earth.
The Earth is here for us and is happy to be a container for anything we do not need.
She has the ability to ReCycle and transform the energy we do not need anymore for other creatures that do need it, so trust Her for receiving. She knows what She's doing.
Hematite crystals for the first chakra
first chakra
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