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About The Second Chakra - Svadhishthana

About the Chakra
The second Chakra is known as the sexual chakra, but it is so much more than that.
It is located just underneath the belly-button, in the sacrum area, having the energetic color of
orange, and associated to the element of water. And so, anything which has the resonance of
water energy - sexuality, sensuality, emotions, desires, feelings. urges, "gut feelings" is connected to
this chakra.
We cry water for a reason, releasing our emotions and cell memory with that calming element. 
We took the time to stabilize the first Chakra first, because we needed to have a stable ground before we can move to deal with our emotional, watery world. 
The earth might be 70% water, but it is contained by its 30% ground to prevent it from overflowing. 
So it is vital to firstly secure our container, and only after to start exploring the waters.
After we’ve been grounded, it’s now time to grow. To start actively moving and fulfill our needs and
nourishment on this Earth, otherwise we cannot survive.
The seed is ready to break its shell and sprout. A change is coming and we are called to grow and to
move. The water will awaken us. Yes, it might be cold and alarming at first, frightening even, since
change is always scary – but it is necessary. It is less frightening now that our vessel can contain the
moving waters and still feel safe and secure.
The 2nd chakra talks about water, moving currents and waves. It deals with growing, productiveness, fruitfulness. The 2nd chakra is where our hidden feelings, emotions and desires lay in, an inner cave buried deep in our unconscious.
Sometimes the only way to access these hidden emotions is to dive deep into these waters and enter the cave. The fire of the 3rd chakra helps to warm these waters, exposing them to light, cleaning the mold, clearing all the mud away from the bottom... You are invited to explore your inner depths and bring them back into the surface.
That is why we cry. Crying is a wonderful mechanism that allows us to “swipe” away the charged memories that have just surfaced upwards into our awareness, away from our bodies. We flood the bottom of the well, and then let the memories of trauma wash away with the tears. We don’t know yet what we’ll encounter when we go inwards and explore our inner waters, but everything we’ll see is a material that was stored in our unconsciousness and is ready to be processed and released.
Culturally speaking, women are encouraged to be 2nd chakra archetype; explore their feelings and emotions, allow themselves to become more emotionally affected, emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent. 
While men are encouraged to be 3rd chakra archetype – supress their emotional vocabulary, full of fire, allowing themselves only to feel rage and anger, emotions that are then being used to channel all other types of emotions through them.
This is an illusion, of course, as a (w)holistic human-being needs to have both chakras balanced - the "female" 2nd and the "male" 3rd - in order to reach balance and stability in all of life's aspects and learn to navigate through their entire spectrum of emotions.
Being exposed to the restrictive education of religion might also disturb the natural flow of our 2nd chakra. We  become ashamed in our basic bodily functions and needs and wish to hide them.
By dividing things into “good” or “bad”, we learn to suffocate our instinctual urge that drives us, and seclude us from the basic joyful element of life. The biggest challenge of the 2nd chakra is to overcome the shame that covers our emotional world, dive in and explore this vast unconscious world, reach to the bottom, get to know the true nature of our soul, allow sheer joy and happiness of existence that are underneath to float upwards and become in tuned and in touch with our emotions. To understand, with simplicity, how we feel.
Sexual Trauma
The 2nd chakra also talks about sexual trauma, about every time our borders were not being respected. Borders,  are an important definition of where I start and where I finish – the boundaries of my container, without which all the waters would spill out and leak from the broken vessel.
A person which had his or her boundaries shattered would seem depleted, cracked, leaking, sobbing, over-sensitive, unable to contain him or herself, feeling over-flooded with emotions.
People who have boundary issues – have at one point in their life felt that their boundaries are not important, not respected, not meaningful. Too many times, these people would tend to find themselves in victimizing relationships over and over again. After they grew to believe that sex is the only thing reality demands from them, they become over-sexual or constant pleasers, not thinking of themselves or putting themselves last, martyrs… When does a seed put himself last? Of course it is always first, before anything else. That is why we enhance our vessel, the Earth, first. I am. I have a right to be here.
People who have 2nd chakra issues tend to have skin problems, since skin is the basic boundary of the body, as well as fertility and sex organs issues, low blood pressure, problems with the natural flow of giving and receiving, of that natural movement of waves – entering and exiting, approaching and retreating, or alternatively have stagnation issues, fear of change, stiffness, frigidity, blood clots or too high blood pressure. They are unable to access their own emotions, to have the emotional intelligence or emotional clarity on how to act.
When they are not able to digest their own emotions, they might have digestive issues and tendency to diarrhea or constipation (mind you, digestive issues could also be 3rd chakra issues, if there is no fuel to trigger the energy needed to digest). When the chakra is balanced, we are able to access our pleasures, our desires, our creativity and our productivity.
This is the chakra for artists, and through their art they try to heal their emotional world.
Now that our vessel is strong and able to contain, let’s allow ourselves to float the inner “mud” upwards, the mud that has sunk to the bottom of our well, flood it upwards and attend to its healing needs.
This flooding of the lower layers of our waters is done by movement, by shaking, steering our inner vessel. We’re going to bravely allow the material to rise from the unconsciousness and explore it, and then, after we became aware of our emotions, we’ll swipe them away by crying.
Don’t be alarmed by the emotional time you might experience, just know that this is a wave washing you, a chance to look deep inside, deep enough to reach the hidden layers now uncovered, the layers of sheer joy and happiness of existence, of that seed, that were underneath it all.
Free the inner joy, let it become exposed underneath all the muddy layers – and come out, feel and play!
Energetic Crystals
Recommended crystals are Carnelian (left) and orange agate (right).
These are good to smooth and ease digestion, to ease fears related to sexual traumas,
and for women: to develop sensitivity, gentleness and compassionate relationship with
your womb. 
You can practice the coming meditation exercise lying down, and place the stone two
fingers below your belly-button, or use it during the guided visualization - when you 
have the need to, "throw" it into the waters, and calmly watch it cleanse them. 

Second Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
Those of us who are dealing with issues regarding how boundaries and how to create them in our lives, who have trouble balancing the giving-receiving patterns in our lives, who have sexual difficulties or traumas, who are feeling stuck, having a hard time with self-expression, or unsure as to how we feel about things, will benefit from this next exercise.
As for physical ailments - digestive problems, skin conditions, metabolic syndromes (thyroid or any other gland issues), kidney problems, diabetes (combined with third chakra work) - can be relieved with this work.
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
Start with strengthening your container as described in the first Chakra exercise. The more you practice that technique, the quicker you feel the connection and its impact, so I encourage you to do so. 
Only after you feel your ground is stabilized, continue on to the second Chakra, to prevent over-flooding yourself with emotions, and feel strong, stable and prepared for what is to come.

Picture yourself in nature, and entering a cave.
Give yourself time to explore the cave, its walls, the temperature, the atmosphere, the colors and sounds.
Deep inside the cave, there is a source of water.
It can be any source you want it too, and notice which form and shape it has.
Are the waters deep? Shallow? 
Clear or murky?
Threatening, or inviting?
Cold? warm?
Where is the source of water coming from?
Whatever you feel, is fine. There is no right or wrong, 
Just experience.
This source of water is our unconscious, and many times is dark, dim or feels frightening. It's OK. 
The more we visit that cave, the easier the access to it becomes.  You can "bring" a flash-light, or a candle with you to see inside better. 
Some people experience instant healing from this exploring exercise, while some feel the effect over time. Allow yourself the patience to feel. 
sacral chakra
Crystals for the second chakra - Red Carnelian (left) and orange Agate
2nd chakra crystals_edited.jpg
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