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About The Seventh Chakra - Sahasrara

About the Chakra
The Seventh Chakra is the crown chakra, located on the top of our heads, having the color white, 
or golden, and symbolized by the element of infinity.
They say that when this chakra opens, like the thousands petals of the lotus flower, we experience
an infinite expansive connection to the Universe and become enlightened.
Our purpose in the 7th chakra is to connect the Divine with the body.
After we, as infinite souls, have experienced and explored the vastness of the Universe, we are
brought back to Earth and are requested to reside inside a limited vessel. This creates an inner
conflict, in which we are asked to be a physical body and Divinely spiritual at the same time, a
very challenging task since the soul is infinite yet the body is finite.
It might feel disappointing to us to experience a physical form again, to witness the functions of the
body, its pains and aches. We struggle to settle the contradiction between the freedom of the spiritual
and the limitations of the physical. We might become angry at our bodies for failing us and limiting us, and speak to it in demeaning words of violence, creating separation between ourselves and our bodies.
But we must learn how to make peace with our bodies, because our soul needs a Home so it wouldn’t be lost in the infinite Heavens. The Universe is build on contradictions and polarized forces – male and female, light and darkness, infinite soul and finite body. Once we agree to make peace with these contradictions, we become one with the Universe. We become the Universe. Because, yes, our body is separate, but at the same time it is of the Universe.
We are children of the Divine seeking our way back Home. And for the time being, our Home is our body, a gift provided to us by the Universe, and we must learn to see it that way. We must learn to use the body that has been given to us as a vessel that channels Sacred Divinity into Everything. This can be practiced by bringing spiritual awareness into everyday mundane tasks. Just as in the 6th class we learned to see the aura in every object, In the 7th chakra we see Divinity in everything. And by manifesting Divinity into our actions we transform the world.
The 7th chakra, the crown, is like the thousand petals of the Lotus, opening up like a sunflower when it feels the sun’s light. Its unfolding drips down sweet nectar through the chakras and connects through the roots back to the center of the Earth. This is enlightenment. Enlightenment happens right here, right now, in every given moment. Right now.
Healing With Infinite Energies
By connecting to the Above, we gain access to the infinite energies, forms and textures, objects and souls, and we are connected. All is really One. 
For healers, connecting to the crown also provides us access to infinite healing energies and abilities, bringing back down the specific frequency needed for the client’s healing. That way, you can reach above and take what you need for your healing or the person you’re helping; It is all there, in infinite amounts. The healer is the channel helping to re-establish the connection between the client and the higher forces. When we are up there as healers, we might encounter healing energies that we don’t fully understand, but we can still choose to bring them to the room for the client’s benefit.
That is why our role as a healer is to keep all our chakras clear and fluent enough so that we could channel back down the healing energy to the client –
To deeply Understand it
To turn it into InSight
To communicate the essence of the healing energy
To connect our Hearts to it
To bring it out into the world
To feel it
And to manifest it into the Earth, represented by the client’s body.
About Enlightenment
​ All big religions tell us the same thing – that one day Jesus will resurrect Himself and redeem us from all our sins. That one day the Messiah will come and deliver us. The Islam too believe in the rebirth of Christ.
All religions still focus on the idea that "one day"- meaning, not today. Not now. If one day everything will finally be alright, it automatically means that today it isn’t. Today we are, of course, still not enough.
So indeed, many of us were rising up and shaking off the limiting belief of waiting in vain for the future, as all the big religions tell us. And so we traveled to the east, climbed a mountain, searched and found ourselves, went to a vipassana retreat, studied Buddhism, and without noticing, we adopted the same idea – that one day we will become enlightened like the Buddha.
It's the same concept, only with the more "trendy" new-age branding of the day, but it's still the same concept – that one day - in the future, all will be magnificent like it was in the past - before our time.
With this kind of education, we can't help but compare it to the present, and the obvious conclusion is that the present is never as wonderful as the future will be, or as the picture is painted about the past. But how can it be always amazing any time but the now?
How will we ever be good enough if now is not good enough?
What other time is there but now?
We are only here now.
There is no other time.
We are never anywhere, or anytime, else.
We have no other time but now to become enlightened.
And the truth is – that now, yes now, already now, we are already enlightened.
Enlightenment is not a single moment in time, when we hear high-pitched heavenly music and our eyes are suddenly widened.
Enlightenment is a continuous process, called being alive. Living, growing, constantly accumulating experiences that teach us about ourselves.
A tree doesn't one day suddenly become enlightened. It always was, always is and always will be the light. And it always keeps on growing upwards, towards the light, towards the sun, effortlessly and instinctively, absorbing more and more light.
Just like the trees, so are we.
We are already enlightened.
We are already enlightened.
We are already enlightened.
We are already – now – in a constant journey of being the light, growing more and more towards the light.
Not in any other time, we are already enlightened – NOW.
* And if it's hard for you to believe these words, look deeper inside, and find the obvious answer: Just between you and me, you already know. Come on, you already know. You knew it all along: You really are the light, and always have been.
Energetic Crystals
The crystal Quartz, especially the Quartz Generator, is a very powerful stone.
Clear quartz, preferably generator quartz. A good generator quartz will have a hexagonal
shape, leading to a six sided tip. This tip is where the beam of light energy shines through,
so you can point the tip towards your crown and allow the light from Above to wash you, or
point the tip to any spot that needs instant healing energy. 
This crystal helps you remember the channel that you are, connecting between the Earth
and the Above, and allows you to stay lucid and clear in your journey.

Seventh Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
The opening of this chakra brings us channeling abilities, a connection to the high source of life, a direct channel with our guidance, or angels, or God, and the understanding of how infinite Love really is.
When we open this chakra, we understand that we are part of it All. We are All. We understand that we already and have always been enlightened. That we are a bundle of infinite Love, surrounded by infinite Love and a Generator that infinitely creates infinite Love.
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
Start with strengthening your roots, and climbing through each chakra, awakening it in your imagination.
The first, red, earthy chakra.
The second, orange, watery chakra.
The third, yellow, fiery chakra.
The fourth, green and pink, loving, airy chakra.
The fifth, blue chakra of sound and voice.
The sixth, indigo chakra of intuition.
Feel how every chakra is opening up, vibrating, pulsating in its own special frequency.
You get the sense that - of course they are always open, ready to serve you.
Of course you are always aligned, ready, alive. 
You are Life and Love.
So simple and so profound.
Now focus on top of your heads, and search for a soft spot.
Picture how that spot is opening up, like the thousands petals of the lotus flower.
Give yourself time to open that chakra slowly, opening every petal.
When it is open, find the connecting channel to the above, journey yourself up with it, and explore the part of yourself which is connected to the Universe, that part of you which is the Cosmos itself, with its infinite dimensions.
To finish this meditation, climb back down through all your chakras until you reach your roots again.
Many times, when we open that chakra, we climb to a place which is so high, that our conscious minds become absent and non-present. No, you haven't falling asleep, it's a different experience of the conscious mind leaving the 'control room' so the unconscious can do its work deeply. The conscious mind might not have remembered all the details, but it does not mean that you haven't went through something very powerful.
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Crystal Quartz
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