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About The Fourth Chakra - Anahata

About the Chakra
The Fourth Chakra is a bridge connecting between the lower chakras, dealing with the earthly,
condensed matters, and the and the upper chakras, dealing with etheric matters. 
So, naturally, it is located in the heart of things.
It is the only one which has two colors - 
Pink, a combination of the color red of the first chakra and the color white the highest chakra,
And green, combining the yellow third chakra with the blue fifth chakra.
It's element is air, and it deals, naturally, with matters of the heart -
Intimacy, relationships, and Love, meaning, the Love we know and feel towards a partner, friends, and family, but also the Infinite Higher Love we feel uplifted by, dominating the Universe as a physical circulating force.
Inside The 4th chakra of the heart is where we activate our love for ourselves and others,
our compassion, or basic need for love and our intimacy needs.
After we have defined our individualization through the lower 3 chakras, we now long for
unity again. We wish to once again become whole with the Universe and let go of the separation.
For we are the tree but also the forest, also the planet and the Universe Itself, driven by the
immense energy of Love.
Love, the most powerful force in the Universe.
This chakra is the only one that has two layers.
The first layer is the Love that we feel towards someone, and the second layer is the Universal Love, that amorphic but dense energy field that created the Universe. The net that encompasses the Universe and provides its structure. Love is the most powerful force in Nature.
Love surrounds us always. Always.
When we were children, we instinctively understood that energy field. As adults, we begin to access this force when we start Loving another person. We then start to fathom how Everything, Everything is Love. That we are surrounded by it all the time.
The heart charka has two colors –
Green, the color of growth and nature, healing the wounds and the grief inside the heart, helping us to grow out of them.
And pink, the color of Universal Love.
Green – the combination between yellow and blue of the 3rd and 5th chakra, and pink, the combination between the red and white of the 1st and last chakra.
So naturally, this chakra is in the center -the heart - of everything.
It is the combination between the rising channel created by the connection to the Earth of the 3 lower chakras, and the descending channel of the 3 higher chakras of understanding. These two channels are combined together into a force so strong that is stored in our hearts, beating with Love with every step we take, wherever we go, always.
Love is there, stored in our hearts, always. We are Loving creatures. We Love so so much.
Love is the force that runs our lives.
We cannot live without it, yet the world is crying for lack of it.
The problem starts when our hearts were hurt for the first time. Either by being broken or by losing a loved one. We mourn. And our hearts are injured and bleeding. Our breath has been taken away. Fragments of our heart are now lost somewhere in the Universe and we become separated from our hearts.
And when we feel separated we cannot Love, we cannot relate and we cannot form compassion.
Unfortunately, Love has become restricted to a limited expression of couple’s relationships and the Love for our children. This model is lacking and flawed, for our children are abused and our marriages crumble.
The modern perception of Love is expressed through words which are twisted and only radiate pain:
“falling in love”
“falling head over heels”
“s/he takes my breath away”
“my knight in shining armor”
And of course, the ungrounding defenition behind "being swept of my feet".
These words originate from a vocabulary of war, of violence, grief and pain.
We become fearful and untrusting, unLoving to other people. So many pieces of our hearts were shattered, that we refuse to Love strangers.
But if we are the tree we must Love all the forest.
This can only be reached and practiced through compassion, which leads to Love, leading to Compassion, in an infinite flowing spiral -
The heart chakra is the connection between Earth and Heaven, a combining creation channel of Love. It is the magic of Love that opens the road to the wider consciousness of the upper chakras.
Love brings a spiritual awakening with it, because when we are loved, we are reflected in the eyes of our Lover. Suddenly we catch a glimpse of our own amazing spark, our specialness, our Divinity, and we begin to truly care for ourselves in a new way. That is why it is so painful to experience a break up. After we saw the enlightening vision of our souls and experienced the expansion that comes with the Unity, it can hardly be tolerated to feel the loss of that Union, to feel the immense pain with the separation from our sense of Divinity.
We become untrusting in our next experiences.
We carry the wounds deep in our heart and don’t allow the next person in. we crave Unity again, but refuse to participate in it again, since we are still grieving from the loss of the old one. Our wounds are still bleeding, and our basic need for Love, like our basic need for air, is unsatisfied, keeps on aching with hunger and crave. We become addicts of “love”. The hunger distorts and confuses us. We start begging for cheap imitations of Love at all the wrong places – destructive, abusive forces that disguise themselves as love but will ultimately only hurt us in a vicious cycle.
But true Love cannot be addictive. We must learn to separate between true Love and the addiction to the destructive forces of pain.
“When your Love is not just a desire for the other,
When your Love is not only a need,
When your Love is a sharing,
When your Love is not that of a beggar but of an emperor,
When your Love is not asking for something in return but is ready only to give –
To give for the sheer joy of giving…
That is compassion.
Compassion is the highest phenomenon”
The Power Of Forgiveness
After we have allowed ourselves to explore the anger in the 3rd chakra, and let it rise up and purify us with its fire, we can now address and transform it in forgiving processes. It is now time to forgive.
The biggest motivation that moves us to forgiveness is the understanding that holding on to grief and anger has a price. Because when we are still angry, it’s as though we took a piece of our heart and separated it from our soul, leaving it dislocated and misplaced.
Ask yourself: What am I still angry about? What am I gaining from keeping this anger?
The answer might be: I am angry at this person. I am angry at this person for still creating such anger in me. I am angry at myself for still being so angry. I am angry at myself for not being able to let this go and forgive.
Whatever our inner answer may be – it is where the healing needs to start from.
Forgiveness brings back the union within. Forgiveness invites all the scattered pieces back Home to our heart. It then allows our heart to expand with the air and the relief of Union.
Let’s ask for healing to all the broken, bleeding parts of our heart that needs it. Let’s ask all these fragments to come back Home.
Energetic Crystals
Recommended crystals are Rose-quartz (left) and Rhodochrosite (middle).
Rhodochrosite is helpful in soothing the wounds of the heart. The darker
lines in the Rhodochrosite absorb the grief and trauma, and all that is left
is the pink fluffy lusciousness of Love. 
Rose quartz is helpful in bringing forgiveness, compassion simple letting go
of the old and unneeded. It also helps remind us the beauty of Universal Love
that we are always surrounded by. Holding these stones in your hand while
meditating helps you open your heart and find its original, instinctual loving
abilities to All. 
Aventurine (right) is good for encouraging healthy tissue growth and recovery after injuries. If a major recovery is needed, have a few of them ready, and then place 1 or 2 next to the wound for a few hours, and then alternate and switch to new unused Aventurines and let the old ones rest and recharge for a few hours before you use them again. 
Also, if you have a deadline at work and can’t find your muse, place one under your pillow and look at your thoughts for new ideas the moment you wake up the morning after.

Fourth Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
Grief, loss, deep pain, all accumulate in our chest and heart, creating asthma, lung and respiratory diseases, interrupting our ability to breath with ease. 
Those of us carrying scar tissue as a result of a broken heart, having trust or intimacy issues, could benefit from focusing on this chakra.
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
Sit in a quiet spot, paying attention to your breath and focusing on it. 
When you feel ready, direct your attention towards your heart. 
Notice the outer layer of the heart, covered by the pericardium, a shielding protective layer.
How thin or thick is the pericardium?
Is it soft and flexible, or rather, rough and tight?
Before you go in and explore your heart, know that once inside it, you are loving and honoring to it. 
Be tender and loving to your heart, for it is sensitive.
Now that you are inside, tour around and familiarize yourself with your heart.
Welcome home.

Walk around the ventricles, atriums and valves, explore its walls.
If, during your walk about, you come across parts of your hearts needing healing - scar tissue, bleeding wounds, arrows stuck inside, you are invited to cleanse and heal those areas, with Love, gently.

When you feel it's time to leave, kiss your heart gently and thank it for doing such an amazing job keeping you alive and pulsating, every moment, every second, for your entire life.
heart chakra
Crytals for the fourth chakra - Rose Quartz (left), Rhodochrosite (middle), and Aventurine (right)
healing crystals
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