Thank You Letters

More Thank You Letters

"On the first meeting, after the grounding meditation, I had a deep, powerful sensation of thankfulness, of connection and belonging to this world and to humanity, and felt amazing rushes of pure energy.
Just now, after practicing the final healing technique, I was moved so deeply and I discover with more and more confidence that I am a magician. That my abilities can develop more and more to infinity. 
I thank you, Daphna, for your kind presence, your smile and your pleasant voice, that allowed us all to feel so freely and open up. 
I thank myself that I have invested time and money, and it was so worth it. 
I thank you, Daphna, for the time and money that you invested, to study and practice this material so that you could pass it forward. Thank you medicine woman! 
So much love and success along the way."
"I think I got closer to things I did not include in my initial thoughts because I thought it was too personal to share. I got beyond closer. 
I am thankful for Daphna, for the overall experience, for the participants of the class, and for myself."
"It was wonderful. I am. 
I understand now that I don't need to do anything to be. I am.
I am thankful for that. For my love. That I am.
That I am beautiful."
"I really loved participating in your workshop earlier this year and I can honestly say that I've been taking a lot of things that have positively affected my attitude and life afterwards."
"Daphna offers powerful workshops on having an easier time during your period, I joined the first one and really do recommend it."
"Thank You Daphna for the interesting experience. I learned so much and I gained a new perspective on my life, my relationships. I dare to grow and to expand into greatness!"