Thank You Letters

Courses participants:
"I have had the honor of participating in one of Daphna's last
I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience. I have 
discovered new abilities, found a new perspective for self inquiry. 
Highly recommended!"
"I loved your workshop... I was lucky enough to work with a woman
next to me, who was is such a high vibrational state... After working
on an area in my body that was aching, she put her hands on my second
chakra, and I felt a lot of energy movement and stagnation release.
The place, the music, the instruments, Daphna, all conjugated to a great
I shed a lot of tears, but not of pain. 
It was a sensation of relief, I left with a sensation of true love in my heart."
"Daphna is such a beautiful, down to earth teacher – I really recommend taking her class. Above all I learned to trust in my bodily intuition and experienced once more how incredibly inter-related our "systems" are: body with emotions and mind and language, we with others, we with nature, we with The Other. Thank you, Daphna!"
"What an incredible experience this was, how I loved the single energy of every single person in the room, every week...
I think "how to be in contact" became a lot about "how to be in contact with myself" and that's been a crazy ride over these weeks... 
I remember how my body got pumped with energy and suddenly all my life was beautiful and safe and always had been."
"I feel better connected to all chakras. Those moments between the courses when I suddenly felt the energy of
my 2nd and 3rd chakras, or when I suddenly felt the energy from the earth...
I feel I am evolving again, things are starting to move, no more stagnation. To perceive the earth and my first chakra as a
​source of energy, something fun and enriching... not just the heavy opposite of light, is something I am very thankful for."
"On the first meeting, after the grounding meditation, I had a deep, powerful sensation of thankfulness, of connection and belonging to this world and to humanity, and felt amazing rushes of pure energy.
Just now, after practicing the final healing technique, I was moved so deeply and I discover with more and more confidence that I am a magician. That my abilities can develop more and more to infinity. 
I thank you, Daphna, for your kind presence, your smile and your pleasant voice, that allowed us all to feel so freely and open up. 
I thank myself that I have invested time and money, and it was so worth it. 
I thank you, Daphna, for the time and money that you invested, to study and practice this material so that you could pass it forward. Thank you medicine woman! 
So much love and success along the way."
"I think I got closer to things I did not include in my initial thoughts because I thought it was too personal to share. I got beyond closer. 
I am thankful for Daphna, for the overall experience, for the participants of the class, and for myself."
"It was wonderful. I am. 
I understand now that I don't need to do anything to be. I am.
I am thankful for that. For my love. That I am.
That I am beautiful."
"I really loved participating in your workshop earlier this year and I can honestly say that I've been taking a lot of things that have positively affected my attitude and life afterwards."
"Thank you! I feel like flying!"
"Dear Daphna, I wanted to thank you for the workshop last month. I’m currently having my period and I feel that releasing all the sadness and anger I felt yesterday helped so so much with my well being. I’m accepting it rather than fighting against it. So today I feel relaxed and free and content. So thank you again, you’ve helped a lot!"
"A heartfelt thank you for yesterday's women's circle, I think it was the most intense group session I have ever done and I was so grateful for it. It also make me realize how much I still hold within and what an opportunity we have to let go each month :)" 
"Dear Daphna, it was so wonderful! And yes magic :-) pain is completely gone!!!! And thank you all in the circle I felt relaxed and good spending an intensive time with you all!"
"Daphna is an excellent teacher and her passion shines through in her care for her students. The knowledge she has to share is invaluable as a woman!!!"
"I highly recommend Daphna Mavor and her work. She lead us in a very profound way into release techniques ,holding the space for deep experiences."
"Daphna offers powerful workshops on having an easier time during your period, I joined the first one and really do recommend it."
Personal clients:
"Lovely Daphna, I am very grateful to have met you!
Thank you for your beauty and wisdom….
I feel good and the process is continuing his flow.
Since our session I feel much better. Thank You very much."
"Thank You Daphna for the interesting experience. I learned so much and I gained a new perspective on my life, my relationships. I dare to grow and to expand into greatness!"
"I have been having sessions with Daphna over Skype. I am eternally grateful for how much she has helped me. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. At one point I had a breakthrough session that marked my Before and After. I continue to have sessions because I am still learning so much."
"I believe I was guided to Daphna at just the right time in my life. I was a broken mess and it felt too painful to go on living. I will never forget the breakthrough session I had with her in June last year - it was so powerful, I can literally divide my life into a before and after. PMDD is no longer something that has a hold over me, and I have gone from feeling so disconnected and fragmented to feeling incredibly alive, blessed and whole. Her light has activated my light, and I am so, so happy for all the women whose lives she will impact when she starts her support group for women with PMDD and endometriosis. With Daphna I found the courage to face my darkness and under her care I have experienced DEEP and lasting healing, for which I will be forever grateful. I believe this healing is available to anyone with an open heart and mind, and who is committed to doing the work - I am living proof of this. Thank you Daphna, you are truly an angel."