Chakra Healing - Free Online Course! 

This is a series focusing on the 7 chakras, their philosophical meaning, how to heal them, which crystals to use to awaken and activate them, and meditation techniques. 

First episode:
1 - Introduction to the chakras
We discuss the chakras, their location in our body, and their energetic meaning. We learn about the elements associated with each chakra, and their developmental timing in our lives. 
Length: 28:56
2 - About the first chakra - root chakra
We explore the importance of the first chakra in keeping us grounded, stable, safe and secure in the Earth. We discuss healing techniques and crystals to use for first chakra activation. 
Length: 14:24
3 - Roots meditation
We practice the most fundamental meditation for the first chakra, and connect to the center of the Earth.
Length: 16:21
4 - About the second chakra - sacral chakra
We focus on our emotional, sensual, sensational world and explore our hidden emotions buried deep in our subconscious, in the second chakra. We discuss healing techniques and crystal use for the second chakra. 
Length: 12:54
Coming Soon
5 - Second chakra meditation
We journey deep into our waters and inner cave and access our subconscious.
Coming Soon
6 - Second chakra meditation for women
We journey into our womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes to find hidden messages they wish to tell us, and find aid to our illnesses. 
Coming Soon
7 - About the third chakra - solar plexus
Coming Soon
8 - Third chakra meditation
Coming Soon
9 - About the fourth chakra - heart chakra
Coming Soon
10 - heart meditation
Coming Soon
11 - About the fifth chakra - throat chakra
Coming Soon
12 - sound meditation
Coming Soon
13 - About the sixth chakra - the third eye
Coming Soon
14 - third eye meditation
Coming Soon
15 - About the seventh chakra - crown chakra
Coming Soon
16 - crown meditation
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