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About The Third Chakra - Manipura

About the Chakra
The third Chakra is our social chakra.
It deals with the issues of relating to the world around us.
After we have balanced our survival needs (First Chakra), understood our emotions and feelings 
(Second Chakra), we are now ready to associate and socialize with the world. To come outside.
The Third Chakra's color is yellow, and it is located in the soft spot in the middle of our lower chest,
where our ribcage opens up. The Solar Plexus. Our inner sun.
Through that spot we Shine ourselves outwards to the world. This chakra's element is fire. 
The purpose of the 3rd chakra is to transform the matter of the 1st chakra and the movement
of the 2nd chakra into a conscious direction of willed activity.
The fire of the 3rd chakra sits safely on the earth of the 1st chakra, is fed by the air of the 4th
chakra and maintained and managed by the water of the 2nd chakra.
The 3rd chakra is about DOING, about shining your inner self outwards into the world. 
It is about bravery, about daring to become yourself not only on the inside, but to project it to the outside too, and follow the light that shines from the solar plexus up your path.
What is it that you want to do?
The 3rd chakra talks about many issues, but the keywords here are: strength, power, ego, control, anger, assertiveness versus aggressiveness, decision making, shining our light outwards.
This is our social chakra.
First we are. We practice our right to be = 1st chakra.
Then we feel. We practice our right to feel = 2nd chakra. 
After we understand how we feel about things, we can go out and act, and do according to those feelings.
The 1st and 2nd chakras are passive and dense. They move downwards, following the path of least resistance. They are instinctual and spontaneous. The fire of the 3rd chakra needs a spark to become. It is light, vibrant, dynamic, full of light, rising upwards, moving away from gravity.
This is a less obvious chakra, less spontaneous, since you need a specific set of conditions to create a spark. You need to invest energy to create a fire, only after can you enjoy its warmth.
The fire of the 3rd chakra charges us with the fuel and the energy to go out into the world, become active and do. First you need the friction, then the sparks come. And that fuel helps bring our energy upwards, and produce it out into the world.
With the 3rd chakra, we transform the instinctual impulses of the 2nd chakra into willed activity and manifested creations. 
The movement that was brought on with the 2nd chakra creates change, and when it is combined with the fuel and the power of the 3rd chakra – transformation can occur. When we do, when we act, we exercise choice, we initiate the will, we develop our individuality, we discover our strengths and weaknesses, we train the inner muscles that help us shine outwards and bring out our truth.
And just like our muscles, bravery needs practice in order to function optimally. The challenges we meet strengthen our will "muscles" by forcing us to grow. Because power is not created when we stay safe. Because only friction creates sparks. The warmth of the fire awakens us from our passive slumber, sparking consciousness into willed creation.
We must be willing to leave passivity behind. We must be willing to leave the way it has always been done, be innovative and daring, transform our habits, and set a new course of Action.
It is when we dare to go out, to become ourselves, our true selves, and shine all our strength outwards, it is when we bravely follow our willingness to leave the world of safety and move forward into the unknown, now brightened by the light of the 3rd chakra, that we feel liberated, and act.
We all have an inner sun, an inner light, that guides us. But we have to allow it to shin. When we follow the light of the fire of the 3rd chakra - the path to the heart, the 4th chakra, is revealed.
Use the rising flames of the fueling 3rd chakra, shine upwards and outwards in DOING!
Addressing addictions and over coming victimization
Being blindly subjected to authority twists our understanding of power, our definition of the meaning of the words “force” or “assertiveness”. When we follow blind obedience, Our fire is extinguished. We suffocate the air needed to embellish the fire of the 3rd chakra, and there is no light anymore so we can’t see the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.
We learn that anger is bad. That obedience is good. That resistance creates trouble.
We learn to hide our light. We learn that we need to “behave”, not shine our fullest, in order to fit ourselves into society.
When the 3rd chakra becomes suppressed and diminished, inner anger is awakened, since we gave up on our inner power and force. We become angry at other people who robbed us out of our force, but mostly we are angry at ourselves for agreeing to be silenced.
These unbalanced control issues distort our ability to control our decisions, which might lead to addiction problems as well.
And if we really dare to admit it, we can acknowledge the inconvenient truth -we are all addicted to some things in our lives. We all abusively use some substances or patterns and allow their abusive power on us. 
We are a world of addicts. We have become addicted to almost anything imaginable. 

The reasons for the problem are many of course, but a fundamental principle that feeds that problem is our inability to practice the "muscles" of choice and controll our choices from a very young age. If we didn’t train ourselves to follow the light of our 3rd chakra as children, how can we suddenly start doing so as adults? 
If we try to extinguish our fire, the flames will rise up even more ferociously, raving havoc in their path, bringing anger with them, anger at others for silencing us, and anger towards ourselves for allowing the silence to continue.
We might even become fearful of becoming dominant and using our own force after we saw the ramifications of that behavior. We then do not let ourselves shine outwards. We start to believe that we can only control when someone else is being controlled. That we can only dominant our lives when someone else is being dominated.
But must it be this way? Or maybe there is another way? Does a king or queen need subordinates in order to rule their worlds?
Our fire needs to be maintained and controlled in order not to burn us or others, but it cannot be completely shut down. We need to find that thin balance with the help of the element of water underneath it, and air above it, to control it properly.
Whatever the reasons that made us hide our light were, now is the time to reclaim our power, to retake control over our inner fire and manage its intensity.
Our fire does not threaten anyone else, when shined correctly. It is on us to bravely stop a pattern of victimization and simply – shine.
In order to achieve true healing, we need to go through a few steps. 
We need to first address the anger and hurt feelings. This is painful, but important. Because anger is a valuable emotion that helps us define our boundaries, when used correctly. 
When we focused on the 2nd chakra, we patiently allowed these hurt feelings to rise up with the stirring movement of waters, we became aware of all our emotions that were buried deep, deep in our hidden unconscious layers. We became aware of our feelings such as anger or frustration. 
Then, we can perform empowering processes in order to reclaim our strength back – meditation techniques we learn during our 3rd chakra class
These processes help us free ourselves of the victimized patterns. These processes help us take back our power and consciously choose our strength again. They help us realize that I am free to reintroduce empowerment into my life. That I am in charge of my decisions.
And after we reclaimed our power, we can move on to forgive, ourselves and others, but that is already the topic of the 4th chakra, the heart.
Energetic Crystals
Recommended crystals for the third chakra are citrine (left) and pyrite (bottom).
Citrine is good for anger management, for control issues, help with decision making
and clarity, and enhances our ability to shine our light and inner sun outwards.
Pyrite helps us shine as well,
and invite abundance best possible outcomes in our productive work-related issues,
and being positively influential. 
You can locate the crystals right over our Solar Plexus to open it up, or carry it with you 
in your pocket when you need to present your beautiful self to the outer world.

Third Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
This chakra deals with anger issues, rage, addictions, control issues, bossiness, digestive problems of the upper digestive system, such as the stomach, heartburn, small intestine, and diabetes. 
Anger is sometimes good for us, mind you. Its fire has a cleansing energy to it. so allow yourself to be angry when you need to. 
People with too little energy in this Chakra will feel being shy, hiding from the world, having a low self-esteem or self-appreciation issues. People with too much energy in this chakra will have a hard time managing their anger, control issues and addictions.
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
A very powerful exercise that helps balance the chakra is focusing on our inner source of fuel and energy.
Take some quiet time for yourself, and sit comfortably, focusing on your breaths in order to calm and focus the mind.
When you feel you are ready, focus your attention on that soft spot between your ribs, your solar plexus.
If it's too hard to feel that area with your intention only, place your hand over it.
In your mind, try to find a switch located in that area, like a switch on the kitchen stove or the oven.
This switch is what sets your inner fire, and it has numbers and levels on it.
How many are there?

Which volume is it tuned to?
Is it on high?

The moment you found that switch, you now have access and control to it. 
Do you feel comfortable with the level it is set to now, or would you like to turn it higher or lower?
If, for example, you're having trouble sleeping, this could be a nice way to tune yourself down again for sleeping, by turning the volume down.
Same goes for if you feel want to lower your nervousness, anger levels or rage.
If, on the other hand, you need to intensify your inner radiating sun, such as before speaking in front of an audience, job interview, or anything that requires you to shine, you can access that inner fire volume switch and raise the level of it.

Never shut it off completely though, because we always need some fire going to keep us going, vital and thriving.
You can play with the tuning of that switch, and the more you practice it, the easier the visualization process gets, gaining control and quick access to your inner sun. 
third chakra
3rd chakra crystals_edited.jpg
Crystals for the third chakra - Citrine (left) and Pyrite (right)
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