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About The Fifth Chakra - Vishuddha

About the Chakra
The fifth Chakra is located in the area of the throat, it's color is blue and it is associated to the
element of sound. It deals with issues of communication and expression. Through it we hear and
listen to our inner voice.
Since we are very verbal creatures, it is also our most active chakra, channeling and verbalizing the
needs and desires of the other chakras through it.
Because it is so active, it's important to keep it open and clear for it to function properly and help us communicate our needs. Some people choose to go to silent retreat, to stop the outer voice for a while and give space for the inner voice to speak. 
In this chapter we focus on communication and expression abilities.
That is because the 5th chakra talks about –
Speaking our truth from the source of our heart - 4th chakra
Committing and putting our words into action - 3rd chakra
Expressing our emotions and feelings - 2nd chakra
Expressing our basic needs - 1st chakra
As well as listening to our intuition - 6th chakra.
The 5th chakra, with the element of sound, is the channel through which we express all of our other chakras. Our throat, mouth, ears, voice and sound are all present.
Since we are very talkative creatures, this chakra is used extensively and it is very important to keep it clear and open so the expression of our inner selves could flow outwards with ease.
The problem is that we live in a world where our 5th Chakra is constantly being overused. We talk constantly. We just never seem to shut up, always trying to find someone who will understand what we are saying, always searching for someone who will listen to us. We become frustrated because words are never accurate enough. They are only a rough expression, a series of symbols that were agreed upon to kind-of spread our message and connect between us through an average common mean. Words can never truly express exactly what it is that we feel inside. This leads us to face the awful truth – what if no one will ever really understand us? We might try, again and again to use different words to get the message, but what if the message doesn’t get through? What if, ultimately, we are lonely?
It's not a comfortable idea to admit. That's why we keep on talking so much, trying to create a fictitious closeness, something which is destined to fail. And the more chatter there is, the harder it gets to get our word out there, to express our inner voice and our inner truth. Then our means of communication intensifies and extreme-fies. We have to speak louder and stronger to get our message out.
Just look at the western pop culture. It’s not enough to be a singer anymore. Nowadays, you need to be a lot more provocative than simply singing, to draw attention from all the constant chatter. So we become provocative, and mark ourselves with tattoos, piercings, coloring ink under our skins and holes in our beautiful bodies, just to shout out, get the attention back to us in this chattery world.
Especially since the internet burst, the world has been getting very jabbery indeed, leaving us no option but to go to extremes in order to be heard. We have less time to get the message out there, and less patience to listen. So the comments, the talk-backs, the entire media gets louder, more brutal, more attention-grabbing, sharper. Our communication ability has gotten very twisted.
That might be why we find ourselves going to silent retreats once in a while. We just need to shut it all up and take a moment, to give enough space for our inner voice to be heard.
What does it want to say?
We all have a higher guidance and an inner voice, speaking to us softly, gently whispering in our ears compassionate advice to guide us on our journey.
What does it want to say?
It's time to listen.
The 5th chakra also talks about our ability to say that which we want to say. It gets distorted by lying or being dishonest and being lied to. Lies create a conflict between the truth of the heart and the words that are expressed. Even when we are lied to, our heart can feel the true essence, even when the words speak differently. Mistrust is created. Since we trust words more, we stop acknowledging the real truth of our heart and rely on the spoken words we here. How do you resolve this inner conflict?
The 5th chakra also gets distorted by social politeness, when we are taught how to express ourselves while conditioning and editing our thoughts into words. Politeness constricts our 5th chakra, since it stops us from naturally saying what’s on our minds.
The true practice of a balanced communication is to understand exactly what our inner voice wants to tell us, and then understand how to express that inner voice outward; How to create a balance between speaking our minds, constricted by norms and politeness of society; How to speak our truth but to deliver it in a way that will also be heard by the other side.
Music helps to restore the balance and provides healing for the 5th chakra. Music encourages us to dance, express ourselves, find our own unique pitch and beat, ant at the same time it brings us together in harmony. Just as it is easier to sing in harmony and unison with someone else rather than trying a different note, music connects between us to find the harmony flowing between us.
The frequency of sound is a form of energy, which like any other energy, creates waves that echo inside, activating our heart, balances the chakras, and restores the resonance of our inner voice.
Energetic Crystals
There are many crystals that are associated with the fifth chakra, all of them are blue.
Recommended ones that I like to use are Aquamarine (left) and Dumortierite (right).
Aquamarine is good for throat problems, as well as UTI’s, and any heat-radiating inflammation,
since it quietens and calms the heat, relieves pain and allows our immune system to function
with more ease. 
Dumortierite helps us find our deep, hidden, authentic inner voice, and speak our truth, even
when it is scary. Recommended before a hard conversation, or when speaking in front of an

Fifth Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
People who cope with recurrent throat infections or chronic pain in the neck need to make sure they stop and ask themselves what it is that they are not saying and to whom, in order to express it and clear the stagnant energy in that area.
People who tend to lose their voice or turn hoarse, might have over consumed their energy in that area, and this is their body's way to signal them to rest, be attentive and find more sustainable ways to express themselves.
When the Chakra is balanced we are able to communicate our needs with ease.
Any activity that incorporate sound helps balance the fifth chakra - 
Singing, chanting, using instruments, especially ones that have an overtone resonance, such as a didgeridoo or Tibetan bowls.
Another activity that would balance this chakra is anything that encourages self-expression - painting, singing, playing music, creating your art in all its beautiful magnificent shapes and forms.
If you feel you need to release some energy from this chakra - 
Scream, sing, make your voice heard.
If you feel you need to accumulate some energy -
Keep silent for a while, and build up your energy.
The sounds of the chakras - Please find recorded link here
Every chakra has its own special sound and frequency, and we can incorporate the fifth chakra to express them and bring balance to them all.
Many of us know the sound of 'Ohm', which is affiliated to the sixth chakra, but there are more. Combining and using all of them, will create a resonance to help with our healing.
These sounds are called Mantras, and they are repeated over and over again to achieve a special frequency.
Find a quiet space without disturbance and sit comfortably.
All the sounds are sung slowly - LLAAAAAAMM, like you can hear in this example.
Try producing these sounds in different pitches, and notice the difference you feel in your body with each pitch. Each chakra has its own unique pitch to activate it, and it changes with each person, you are invited to explore and discover your own.
LAM - first chakra
VAM - second chakra
RAM - third chakra (or, in some theories - PAM)
YAM - fourth chakra
HAM - fifth chakra
OHM - sixth chakra
SO-HAM - seventh chakra
throat chakra
Crystals for the fifth chakra - Aquamarine (left) and Dumortierite (right)
chakra crystals
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