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About Working With (and Not Against) Your Periods

Our period (menstruation) is one of the most energetically powerful events we go through every month. It doesn't just hurt for no reason. Something deep and profound is happening there.
It is an opportunity like no other to peel-off layers of everything we have accumulated in the month prior to it. It happens in the biological level – a thick layer of cells was growing for the past 2 weeks in the inner layers of our womb, with all its massive vital potential life energy. Think about it, these cells can support new life! No other type of cells in the body can do that. This layer of cells is so powerful in its ability to energetically create something-out-of-nothing, nihilo, that science have already started exploring options to see how it could be used to grow new limbs and organs (really! here).
These cells, suddenly growing out of nothing, are able to multiply themselves up to 10(!!) times in size during those 2 weeks. Take a moment to think how incredible that is. How huge it is. There is no other organ in the human body - male or female, which can do that miracle. With all that life potential, all that vitality, fertile energy, we accumulate a lot of cell memory too. Everything we have been going through and experiencing in that period of time is being stored there as cellular memory. So if we had an easy month, the experiences stored there would be simple. If we had had a tough month, well…
Two weeks later, comes the flood. We receive a chance to peel-off all that stored memory, opening a new page and start getting ready for building again, next month.
I get massive "Crying attacks" on these delicate hours, just before I get my period. It's become a ritual over the years, where I allow these instant, massive outbreaks to come and then go quickly as they came, without judging or worrying that I'm "losing it".
I just allow the crying energy to rise up to my consciousness, full-heartedly and with courage. It too shall pass once it's finished, and shed.
Why do we feel pain when we shed these layers? The answer is that this pain isn't "bad", it is simply our body's way of drawing our attention. When we hurt, we have no other option but to focus our attention on the pain, now, and to find a relief for it. If we weren't in pain, we would have continued on with our day. But no, the pain is here to help us be in the here and now, in a way that no other bodily sensation could. We don't need to run away from pain, but to focus our attention in it, submerge in it, see what it wants to tell us. What were we accumulating in the past few weeks and now wants to be released from us? The pain is here to answer that question for us.
If we allow ourselves to release all that cell memory and not resist the process, we would hurt less. That pain will not have to scream so loud to get our attention. If you can, try to take a few hours, or however long you need, when that soreness starts in your lower belly, signaling that it's almost there. You know what I'm talking about, and you'll recognize when this sensation is coming next time.  
Then withdraw yourself to a quiet room, into yourself, into your cave, understanding that you need a moment to yourself. Listening. The womb needs to empty now, to stop being a container for a moment. I often feel that in this particular moment, I can't even contain the slightest bit. I need to focus only on emptying. 
Allow all this emotional matter to become present. It is essentially a condensed extract of everything you have been going through and experiencing in the past month, and it's OK to feel that again. By allowing yourself to re-experience, relive these emotions, you are able to reach all the way to the bottom of that womb well, and flood it upwards in order to wash it away, to sweep-off all that needs to be released. We are pulling upwards and exposing the mud, and after we uncover it, we release.
Envision in your mind how that issue is being energetically cleared through your lower opening, with every breath, every pelvic shake. Breath, move, shake and cradle your entire of lower area, let go, release, release energetic "matter", from down-there.
The more you release in the energetic realm, the less physical matter would need to be shed and released too, minimizing the pain and excess bleeding. You don't have to believe me, try it for yourselves. It really works.
All that mental-fog, that emotional unclarity, that was accumulating in the past few days before the period came, is becoming translucent again during our process of energetically cleansing, draining of the old. The body has finished preparing itself, built, grown, accumulated, and is now focused on letting go, cleansing, clearing, making space for the new. 
It is an immense feeling of relief, a sheer joy of releasing, and is almost a sensation of feeling high, orgasmic. It is an awesome opportunity to have that ability to go through this experience every month, again and again. Shedding, and rebuilding. And the more we practice this energetic process of the letting go, the more power, strength, empowering feeling we gain with time, acquiring the understanding of how to manage and cope with our periods, loving this "PMS". and maybe, maybe, even start Loving it, realizing the magnificent opportunity it could unfold for us.
The wonderful thing, is that if we don't have time to tune in to our periods this month, it's OK. We always have next month, with its own unique opportunity to shed these layers again and start fresh.
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