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womb healing

Women's Psychosomatic Medicine

Throughout my years in the practice, I see over and over
again how clever our body is.
Emotional pain that is being translated into a physical illness,
creating a psychosomatic disease - polycystic ovaries (PCOS),
clogged fallopian tubes, adhesions, chronic pelvic pain,
endometriosis, debilitating menstrual pain, migraines, PMS,
candida and yeast infections, itchiness, recurrent urinary
infections, infertility, addiction to sweets... Ah!
Our bodies are crying out in pain.
There is a vicious cycle of cause and effect without
understanding which led to which - body affecting emotion, or
emotion affecting the body.
But when we stop to listen to it together, when we let our body
speak its pain, express every cell that needs to talk, allow it to
mourn everything it needs to, to be angry at everything it
needs to, to express every hidden emotion, Together, 
and bring back a dialog of peace with our bodies - we then experience compassion, relief and healing. 
Here are common diseases and their psychosomatic connections, in my experience:
Polycystic ovaries (PCOS)
This happens when we "sit" on our eggs and don't let our ideas and creativity come into fruition.
Whatever it is that you are sitting on - dare to bring it out into the world.
There is a depletion in the force of life. Understand that you deserve to be here, to take up space, just like everyone else. 
Dare to be strong and powerful, and reclaim your original given space in the world. BE. 
Grief. There is something we are grieving about, from the inside, and our organs are bleeding with us. Many times, it is related to trauma - sexual trauma, any childhood trauma, traumatic birth. Sometimes it isn't a specific trauma that happened to you, but could be the general trauma of the female, which you feel inside your body. You grief for all woman kind. Once you realize what it is that you are grieving about - it is important to - with compassion - go through all the proper grieving stages, and in the end of them - make peace and forgive. It is a long process, and I know it is hard, but I've seen it work and bring beautiful healing.
Premenstrual Syndrom (PMS)
The time before our period is a potent energetic time, where we have high energetic forces, and we are able to be more sensitive, become attuned, channel our higher connection and have powerful visions. For this, we need to take time and create a safe, quiet space and allow all these messages to come in. When we don't find the time in our busy schedule, (When?! in this culture?!) - things can become very painful. See if you can still try to find 2 hours to tune in and listen, when you feel that the PMS is about to rise. See what it tries to tell you. Also - and this actually works - tune in and ask to receive your period during the weekends. You'll see that your body will synchronize with you. 
Painful and heavy periods
Please release all the content of everything that you accumulated this month and carried with you in your womb. Imagine how with the blood, there is a big emotional and energetic layer that is being shed as well, flowing downwards through your vagina. When there is a wave of pain coming - go with it, dive with it into your womb and release everything that needs releasing. Notice which hygiene product is more painful for you, and switch to a different one. Notice which foods would make you feel too heavy to carry in your belly during those days - and don't eat them. Notice which underwear is just the right amount of tight that is supporting your process. 
Move and shake - our womb really likes to move, and movement helps it release. So move, all the time, when you are in pain, even if it a small pelvic movement. 
When you are exhausted with the pain - don't lie on your back, but on your belly or on all fours. Lying on your back is working against gravity, and not with it. We want to help your womb feel that it can "hang" downwards and release.
Go with your intuition, cry hysterically when you need to and release all the emotional pain. Laugh hysterically when you need to, and use this time to be wild, animalistic, authentic with your needs.
Candida / yeast infection
There is something that you are not saying out loud. To your partner, your boss, your sister, your mom or dad...
When there is something that we are keeping inside and not saying - our lower lips are trying to do the talking for us.
What is it that you are not saying?
Also, since fungus is a parasite, this is a sign that something is off with our inner borders. See what needs to be balanced there.
Bladder and Urinary tract infections (UTI)
I find that it is very similar to candida and yeast infections - for some women the same issue will manifest this way, and for some the other. Both issues are related to something that I am not saying out loud, and a problem with keeping my boundaries clear. 
Eating disorders
What happens is that our body becomes a war zone. We are a symbol of Mother Earth, being poisoned and underfed.
We need to learn how to love our bodies, and gain a good communicative channel it, even admire and worship it.
For this to happen we need to erase every wrong message the common culture has taught us. Every wrong nourishment message we picked up from our mothers or mother figures. To reprogram everything we were taught and create a peace process with our bodies, and with Mother Earth. 
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