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The Earth's Path - Yearly Course for Women​

Online Yearly Course 9/2021 - 6/2022
In this course, we explore the female in 3 dimensions:
(1) our physiology
(2) our emotional world
(3) our energetic state. 
  • Anatomy & physiology -the healthy function of our body
  • Pathology - which diseases do we face and why?
  • psychosomatic connections -  what language does our body speak through? what is it trying to tell us?
  • Period (menstruation work)
  • Sexuality
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Fertility Awareness Method
  • Self diagnosis; Muscle testing
  • Emotional discovery
  • Energetic explorations: The chakras and Aura
  • Meditations
  • Self healing techniques
350€ per month
Registration Fee: 150€ to be paid once you've passed the initial interview. 
1. Fill in the registration form
2. Book an interview with me. The purpose of the interview is to ensure the group is cohesive and can work well together to allow true group and personal healing.  
Testimonials from previous participants
"Daphna is such a beautiful, down to earth teacher – I really recommend taking her class. Above all I learned to trust in my bodily intuition and experienced once more how incredibly inter-related our "systems" are: body with emotions and mind and language, we with others, we with nature, we with The Other. Thank you, Daphna!"
I thank you, Daphna, for the time and money that you invested, to study and practice this material so that you could pass it forward. Thank you medicine woman!"
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