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Crying as a Cleansing Process

Crying is the simplest form of psychosomatics, showing us our mind and body are connected. 

Cry as much as you can. It is an ingenious physiological process. Every time you cry, you release a trauma. The water, carrying with them waste and the charged memories, is released through your eyes.
Cry as much as you can. You need to release it. Every time you cry, it's like a well that the bottom of it was always muddy and boggy and sticky and unreachable, and is now floating upwards, and with every cry session you sweep it clean again.
Don’t be afraid of crying. Every time you cry, it means you were able to bring another issue upwards, to the conscious mind, release it and let it go.
Don't be afraid of crying. It is so good for you. With it you carry out messages of memories, drained out and released so that the new can have space to be created. A space where, within, you can remember again how beautiful you are.
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