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Period Healing

A concentrated, in depth, exploratory workshop to
cope with menstrual (period) pain and PMS.
Exploring the physical pain during our periods can actually be a
strong energetic pathway for releasing old emotional pain.
Yes, it is OK to cry. No, you are not going crazy. If we use the emotional
waves that are coming as a tool to work with - we can heal ourselves.
Working with our periods gives us a chance to release grief, sadness
and negative energies that accumulated inside us. Once we harness 
the process of the work, we experience a profound and empowering
technique to heal ourselves.
In this workshop,
You will receive tools to cope with the emotional roller-coaster that
comes with your period,
You will learn physical exercises to manage your pain.
These tools could be helpful for you to deal with pains, cramps,
severe symptoms like migraines, vomiting, weaknesses, mood swings,
emotional pain, and might even shorten the time of your flow or the
amount of bleeding.

We learn why does energetic pain gets clogged in our reproductive organs, translating itself into physical pain,
And we can do to release it,
How to move in optimal postures to relieve pain,
How to transform this pain into spiritual growth.
We are stronger and wiser, because we shed layers every month.
We are stronger and wiser when we fully allow the emotional waves
to come and surrender to them.
We are stronger and wiser once we embrace it.
Because you deserve to become empowered by this powerful time of the month.
Thoughts by women in previous workshops:
"Dear Daphna, it was so wonderful! And yes magic :-) pain is completely gone!!!! And thank you all in the circle I felt relaxed and good spending an intensive time with you all!"
"Dear Daphna, I wanted to thank you for the workshop last month. I’m currently having my period and I feel that releasing all the sadness and anger I felt yesterday helped so so much with my well being. I’m accepting it rather than fighting against it. So today I feel relaxed and free and content. So thank you again, you’ve helped a lot!"
"I highly recommend Daphna Mavor and her work. She lead us in a very profound way into release techniques ,holding the space for deep experiences."
"Daphna offers powerful workshops on having an easier time during your period, I joined the first one and really do recommend it."
To check the times of the next period healing workshop, go to the schedule
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