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About The Sixth Chakra - Ajna

About the Chakra
The Sixth Chakra is located in the spot between our eyebrows and is known as the third eye.
Its color is indigo, or purple, and it is represented by the element of light.
It deals with the ability to see, our intuition, having a sixth sense, channeling with our higher selves
and our heavenly guidance, telepathic abilities, foresight, understanding creating our vision, and 
With our two eyes we look outwards, but close them during meditation to see clearly, inwards, into the soul, with the third eye.
The sixth chakra is a very spiritual and highly energetic chakra, and if done correctly, it could help create our desired reality.
70-something years ago, a big part of humanity finally stopped being in constant war, allowing the space to
start exploring the chakra system, stop being in survival mode and discover our other identities:
Our emotional world, our wishes and desires, exploring what we want to do, what we love, how
to express ourselves and communicate our inner thoughts...

But what if we didn't receive the right tools to explore those inner worlds? yes, we stopped fighting,
but now what? Where do you even start discovering your inner self if you weren't nurtured for the proper training? 
The generations before us were still only surviving, still dealing with 1st chakra issues. They had no tools to teach us how to explore our spiritual paths, how to climb up in the chakra order. 

We had to figure this one out for ourselves, something which could explain the sudden abundance of "new age" courses, retreats, workshops: We need answers and we need them fast.
Because if we didn't receive proper tools and spiritual guidance into how to open the 6th Chakra and to find our meaning, discover our purpose and mission in life - life could get pretty depressing...
And depression is a pathology that has now reached epidemic porportions in the world. 
The 6th chakra deals with our Calling, our mission in life, manifesting our dreams and vision, that 'thing' we want to do when we "grow up".

If we don't open the shutters that seal the 3rd eye inside, if we don't look inside to hear, see and listen, understand our purpose, we could become gloomy, darkly depressed... 
For what is the whole meaning of it all if we can't find our own purpose in life? 
The energy would then come back down, and we feel as though we are dragged in mud or quick sand. Life becomes boring, meaningless. Depressing...
The more we climb up the chakra world, we are reaching energies that are so much heavenly, so much faster, almost dream-state in essence. Our intuition, telepathic abilities and our 6th sense are activated when we allow the 3rd eye to expand and open.  This worlds are so high, making our mind and physical body struggling sometimes to even remember what we have seen when we were up there. That is why we sometimes struggle to remember our dreams. We know them somewhere inside, we just don’t remember...
But by opening our 3rd eye we practice expanding our thought process, we look inwards and reach into the 90% “unused” parts of our brains, and we start to prepare ourselves for the Understanding, the Knowing  of 7th chakra – and we become the Cosmos Itself.
Opening the shutters of our 3rd eye, our Sixth Chakra, looking inwards - after we've cleaned all the pathologies of the lower Chakras and can now see clearly inside - helps us connect with the Cosmos, the Universe, from which we all came from, and we Remember. 
We Remember where we came from and what it is that we are here to Do. 
We remember how to Manifest. How to Fulfill. How to create. How to become Truth.
The 6th chakra travels in the speed of light, the speed the Universe connects through.
Our logical minds understand that nothing is faster than the speed of light - the time it takes for the light that was switched on in the other end of the room, for example, to reach our eyes. Obviously, we can only see the light after it was switched on, right? If, hypothetically, something was faster than the speed of light, it means we would see it before it happens. That doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

Because that is exactly what intuition is: "seeing" something before it happened, and trusting what we saw.
The 3rd, or the 6th Chakra, communicates through light, it's principal element. It talks through the frequency of the Universe - the speed of light. It travels in that speed, reaching the heavenly elements through the speed of light.
You will notice that the higher we climb in the Chakra world, the faster the frequencies. The world becomes less dense and more heavenly.

It was Einstein who described it: 
Take any kind of mass - let's say, our bodies (the "M" in the famous equation), travel it even faster than the speed of light, ("C" is for speed of light, squared), - and you reach a state of pure, constant energy (E). But you must agree to turn on the light, enter it, travel through it and become the Light.
Manifesting Our Vision
Discovering our vision brings meaning and purpose into our lives. Fulfilling that vision is the most important task we can do here on Earth, and it is the reason we came here in the first place. Honoring our mission in life gives us tremendous satisfaction and is the one true cure for depression.
How do we know what our vision is? I always give a funny, yet very helpful example to my clients. Think of that one wish in your heart, that if you could accomplish it, it would make you want to 'wag your tail', dog-like, with crazy-happily excitement just at the thought of it, but at the same time would also bring a  fundamental fear in you, a huge doubt that you couldn’t really achieve it.
We all have that thing that we, deep down inside, really want to achieve, and at the same time, is that one thing that also truly scares us.
The excitement and the fear – they always come together in this aspect. To ask why is another debate, but the important issue to understand is – that this mixture of excitement and fear, is a unique element that helps to signal to us that this is it. This is what we yearn to bring into the world. This is what we came here to do.
After we realize that, we can now address our fear. Learn to accept it, acknowledge that it might never go away because this gift comes from a very deep, vulnerable, exposed part of ourselves. The “bad news” are that we might have to learn to work with the fear and get used to it become our constant companion throughout our manifestation process.
The “good news” are that we can incorporate the other chakras into action to try and cope with this fear on the rode to manifestation.
The movement inwards into the 3rd eye expands our ability to look inside and see the Cosmos. After we looked inside and were able to see, we can now start projecting what we saw into our realities, since the 3rd eye can also be an immensely powerful tool to create our reality.
Everything we see in life is nothing more than the “movie” that is being projected in front of our eyes by our 3rd eye. We can - yes - we can open the shutters of the 3rd eye voluntarily and project our vision outwards to create reality.
This can be done by following the steps:
  1. Looking inwards to explore the insides of our minds, seeing and understanding our vision
  2. Projecting the vision that we saw outwards to manifest it into our reality
  3. Activating our 5th chakra to communicate our fears
  4. Activating our 4th chakra and let our heart feel compassion towards ourselves in our sacred, scared process
  5. Connecting the projecting beacon of light from the 3rd eye to our 3rd chakra to fuel that vision with the energy of doing, and receiving courage and will power
  6. Connecting that line of energy to our 1st chakra, rooting it down, grounding that vision to the level of being, bringing it all the way down to the Earth, until it reaches a level that is so natural, as natural as simply being.
Energetic Crystals
Recommended crystals are Amethyst (left) and fluorite (right). Amethyst is good for
enhancing your intuitive abilities, look deep inside you and find the answer. If you
are interested in exploring sixth-sense sensations, such as telepathy and channeling,
the amethyst will be helpful in diminishing fear and resistance from these abilities,
and help find the natural simplicity in how to achieve them. 
Fluorite is helpful when needing to listen to higher guidance and search for assistance
from Above. Its many colorful layers represent the layers of the aura, so you can also use
it while you close your eyes and explore the depth and detail of your aura.


Sixth Chakra Meditation

Who will benefit from it?
Since this is the chakra for discovering your vision, people in search of their calling or destiny in life, people needing to manifest a new vision into their reality.
Also, if you are in a stage where you search for what's next - a job, career, studies, partnerships - anything you want to achieve to fulfillment - this is the chakra you need to focus on. 
If you're searching for that thing that you want to do when you 'grow up', no matter how old you are - this is the chakra you need to focus on.
People suffering from headaches, hallucinations, drugs' side effect, or who are having trouble thinking clearly, who want to become connected to spirituality in a lucid way, will gain healing from exploring themselves through this chakra.
Meditation - Please find recorded link here
Many times we don't remember what we've seen after this meditation, since we are going so high up, so have a pen and paper ready, you might want to write down what you saw when you finish.
Start with calming your breath and strengthening your roots as described in the first chakra exercise. Because we are going to climb upwards it is important to ground first.
After you feel your roots are stable,
Focus your attention on that spot between your eyebrows.
Start visualizing that it is has an opening that can open or close, expand or shrink with your will.
This opening operates like a camera, and you can walk inward through it.
Explore your mind.
What do you see?
Give yourself as much time as you need.
When you want to finish, slowly ground yourself back down.
In order to expand the spectrum of human perception, become telepathic, seeing your vision clearly and develop a sixth sense, practice this meditation often, expand your point of view and redefine your reality.
Manifesting your vision
The third eye can also create your reality. can project your wished reality through it in front of your eyes.
Our reality is the movie we choose to project in front of our eyes with our sixth chakra, and nothing more.
While mediation, you can imagine that the third eye operates as a video camera, projecting the images in front of your eyes. 
You can open that projector and visualize the reality you wish to manifest. 
Picture everything, to the smallest detail.
How wonderful it will feel,
How it will feel like to be with... To have...
Notice and focus on how great it feels. Manifestation processes works better for desires that echoes a feeling of YES YES YES in our bodies, that awakes our true joy and passion, those things that we really want, that we really wish for.
Our reality is only the movie we choose to project in front of our eyes.
We can always change it, we can always choose differently. Yes, we'll need to cope with the change, but that can be done later. Firstly - let us bring our desired reality into life. 
We deserve nothing but to be happy, all the time and always.
third eye
Crystals for the sixth chakra - Amethyst (left) and fluorite (right)
crystals for the third eye
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