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About Enlightenment

All big religions tell us the same thing – that one day Jesus will resurrect Himself and redeem us from all our sins. That one day the Messiah will come and deliver us. Even the Muslims believe in the rebirth of Christ.
All religions still focus on the idea that "one day"- meaning, not today. Not now. If one day everything will finally be alright, it automatically means that today it isn’t. Today we are, of course, still not enough.
So indeed, many of us were rising up and shaking off the limiting belief of waiting in vain for the future, as all the big religions tell us. And so we traveled to the east, climbed a mountain, searched and found ourselves, went to a vipassana retreat, studied Buddhism, and without noticing, we adopted the same idea – that one day we will become enlightened like the Buddha.
It's the same concept, only with the more "trendy" new-age branding of the day, but it's still the same concept – that one day - in the future, all will be magnificent like it was in the past - before our time.
With this kind of education, we can't help but compare it to the present, and the obvious conclusion is that the present is never as wonderful as the future will be, or as the picture is painted about the past.
But how can it be always amazing any time but the now?
How will we ever be good enough if now is not good enough?
What other time is there but now?
We are only here now.
There is no other time.
We are never anywhere, or anytime, else.
We have no other time but now to become enlightened.
And the truth is – that now, yes now, already now, we are already enlightened.
Enlightenment is not a single moment in time, when we hear high-pitched heavenly music and our eyes are suddenly widened.
Enlightenment is a continuous process, called being alive. Living, growing, constantly accumulating experiences that teach us about ourselves.
A tree doesn't one day suddenly become enlightened. It always was, always is and always will be the light. And it always keeps on growing upwards, towards the light, towards the sun, effortlessly and instinctively, absorbing more and more light.
Just like the trees, so are we.
We are already enlightened.
We are already enlightened.
We are already enlightened.
We are already – now – in a constant journey of being the light, growing more and more towards the light.
Not in any other time, we are already enlightened – NOW.
* And if it's hard for you to believe these words, look deeper inside, and find the obvious answer: Just between you and me, you already know. Come on, you already know. You knew it all along: You really are the light, and always have been.
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