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About Love, or: Why Love Doesn't hurt


You know how in the movies the first kiss always comes after the
girl cries and the guy comforts her?
We have this huge confusion between Love and pain. We hardly 
seem to distinguish between the two.
We can't even tell which one of them is activating us right now,
pulling us towards the other. 
But Love and pain are two very different things.
You see, we like pain.
For many reasons, we like pain. 
We experienced pure Love by our mothers since birth, only to suddenly be treated with boundaries and restrictions when we start growing up, shocked and confused by the switch to the necessary "tough Love", and we start associating Love with pain. We know our mother Loves us, but we feel pain inside. Such a difficult contradiction to settle inside.
Afterwards, we learn, as little children, that when we are sick, we'd be cuddled more, pitied, get all the attention, all the sweets, a free pass from school. 
We also know, in ourselves, as grown-ups, that when we see someone else in pain, we feel 
compassion - the highest form of Love - towards them. We almost want them to show us their pain in order to feel that compassion.
And so, kind of like when dogs receive a treat when they behave well, we too become trained to create and express more and more pain, in order to be rewarded with Love.
It is such a slippery slope, in which we become instant and infinite victims.
But the only victimizers are us.
We must acknoledge that pain is not Love. 
Pain is not Love.
Pain and Love are not even on the same scale.
Because there is Love, the Creating Force of the Universe, and then there is everything else.
Pain is not Love.
Sure it's amazing to do so when the other is hurting, but we must train ourselves to express compassion not only when we feel the other's pain. That is the only way to create a new regime, a new Earth, a new home for humanity. A home where we are all caring and compassionate towards each other, always and regardless of the level of pain people are coping with.
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