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Classical Conditioning, or: the "Pavlov Effect"

When you were little, and something bad happened that made you cry - your
parents gave us something sweet.
Sounds familiar?
They only did it in order to comfort you, or to calm you down. But after a while,
especially if the crying was very traumatic, or if it happened too often, you
might have developed a conditioning. 
Your brain could, from then on, catalog anything sweet as dangerous - hey, you were exposed to it exactly when something negative was happening. 
This is a classical conditioning, or the Pavlov effect. 
Next time you'll have sweet, that memory, enraptured in your cells, is being reactivated. Your unconscious remembers that same experience, and the body feels the same negative feeling.
This is how most allergies and food intolerance are formed, but not only.
We live in a world in which we are bombarded with so many, often stressful situations all the time,
and our brain, our nervous system, our muscles, organs and tissue, our immune system all catalog those experiences non-stop and save those memories inside our bodies. Our body does that to protect us from future dangers ahead of time, but sometimes, these memories are cataloged and wired in a harmful way, making our body go into fight mode all too often with no real danger. 
This is where the IPEC Method can help.
The IPEC Method can diagnose, through kinesiology, the factors that poorly activate the cell memory and then re-program those memories, to neutralize the conditioning, to reach health - physically, mentally,  emotionally, and energetically. 
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