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Kinesiology, or: Muscle Testing

The Kinesiology Method was developed in the 1960's by Dr. George
Goodheart and is used extensively as a diagnostic tool in many healing 
methods, including the IPEC Method.
During the diagnosis process, the client is asked to lift his hand. The 
practitioner then creates a gentle pressure to activate the upper arm and
shoulder muscles. If the hand can resist the pressure - the muscles are 
strong. If it can't - the muscles are weak.
What do we test with Kinesiologic Muscle Testing?
There are 3 ways to use the Kinesiologic muscle testing (KMT) in IPEC diagnosis process:
1. Testing materials and substances.
If we are sensitive to a material, our muscles will be weaker when exposed to it. That is a very useful instrument to check for allergens, sensitivities and basic function of the body. 
There are a few advantages for KMT when compared with a conventional allergy test:
Firstly, as opposed to a conventional allergy test, KMT is non-invasive, as the substance is not being introduced into the body under the skin, but simply checks the response through the muscular system, and therefore is much safer.
KMT is also helpful in checking physical conditions that are impossible to check with a conventional 
allergy test, such as sensitivity to changing seasons, hey fever, air conditioner etc.
2. Checking the muscles' response to positive or negative emotions.
Have you always been told to think positively? For a good reason!
When we think positively, for example about someone we Love, our muscles are stronger, our immune system is stronger, and our whole body is functioning better.
But, when we carry negative thoughts, our muscles, our immune system, our whole body actually, may become weaker.
KMT is used to recognize which emotions activate a negative response in our bodies.
The client is asked to hold out their hand and KMT is used to check what is the response to, let's say - their mother, themselves, or anything else the client needs to focus on.
3. Yes and no questions.
Our heart beats, our lungs filter in oxygen, our kidneys filter out excessive salts. It is all happening simultaneously inside our bodies, we are simply unaware of it. But our body knows everything that happens inside. It already knows everything.
All we need to do - is ask it!
That way, KMT can also be used to check the unconscious, with yes and no questions. 
If the answer is yes - the body is filled with positive energy and the muscle is strong during KMT. If the answer is no, the body is filled with negative energy and the muscle shows weakness.
This is a very deep and profound way to check what's going on inside.
With KMT, we allow the body to draw a map of instructions on what might be the problem and how exactly could we help, step by step.
With KMT's yes or no questions, we retrieve all the necessary information and proceed to the IPEC Method techniques. 
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