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The Energy of Words

Among other things, we use of the power of the written word
with the IPEC Method. The IPEC clients know all too well those
bizarre notes written in Hebrew, specifically formulated positive
affirmations they have to carry on their body for days at a time,
directly contacting the skin, so the energy of the words will
ooze inwards, into the cells and the unconscious, until the absorbs
the full meaning of them.
Because according to Kabalic Medicine, Hebrew letters have a
powerful energy to them, the ancientness of them radiating
And then, the other day, I went to visit the Pergamon Museum
in Berlin, which has up 4000 years old, sometimes more,
archaeological specimens from the Middle East – remnants of the
Assyrian people (called “Ashur” in biblical Hebrew), of the people
of the Mesopotamia, ancient Iranian crafts and monuments, and
most impressive of all - the Goddess Ishtar's gate and temple of Babylon (“Bavel”).
I got lost there for hours, wondering around, strangely feeling at home around these super old remnants of my ancestors.
What mostly caught my eye, were the inscriptions that were used on so many architectural structures, statues, and even small, basic tools. 
Some of them were in the Assyrian ancient cuneiform script (“Ktav Yatedot”), some in ancient Aramic and even in Hebrew, the exact same letters I use till this day in my mother tongue!
The bowl in the picture has some ancient written letters on in, and I was so surprised to realize that I was able understand some of what was written over it! So little has changed in 4000 years.
It starts by saying - “Beshimcha ani ose asuta” - “In your name I make (or create) health”. 
How powerful it must have been to be using a bowl that sanctify health as much! And who knows what it was for?
Here's how it was explained on the wall in the museum: “Whenever a structure was built, modified or repaired, objects bearing specially formulated texts were deposited inside the walls and foundations in the course of elaborate ceremonies. Their purpose was to provide magical protection for the building while simultaneously commemorating its foundation and the persons involved. Some of these inscribed objects are more than 4000 years old. They demonstrate continuity of tradition from the ancient Near East down into modern times when the foundation of a building is still sometimes accompanied by the ceremonial laying of a cornerstone.”
'Continuity of tradition' indeed! with the IPEC method we look at our body as the building, and with these magical Hebrew letters inscriptions of positive affirmations, we sacredly strengthen the building blocks that create its foundations.
I wish for us all to treat the foundations and walls of our bodies with the same respect, same sanctity, same holiness, grace, and awe of its magical knowledge and intuitive understanding of health.
Ancient Hebrew Writing

Ancinet inscription in Hebrew on a ~4000 year old bowl, Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

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