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Stop Smoking, Really.

During my healing study days,
I had a wonderful teacher, who suddenly stopped a class he was teaching in the middle and said: honestly now, regardless of any healing you'll ever provide - if you'll ever able to help one client stop smoking, just one client, in your entire career, you have done your share.
It is always surprising to me how the biggest, actual, real conspiracy in this world is being left so undiscussed. 

Think about how insane this is: 
There are actual companies, who make 35$ billion a year, by creating a poisonous product that is *knowingly* the most harmful, toxic, and cancerous materials there has ever been in human history, and then adding extra addictive ingredients to it, on top of the ones that are already there, so that we won't be able to stop using it. 
They then sell this product, legally, without any restrictions besides age, for profit, and offer payment for government through tax. in 2015 they made 62$ billion worldwide.
Doesn't it sound like a great conspiracy movie? 
Yet, it is real, and is being unspoken of, daily.
One book titled it the "Golden holocaust".
Cigarettes were, and continue to be the number one leading cause for illness and death, world wide. The numbers are so high, in the hundreds of millions people throughout our history. Way, way, way, above terrorism, world-wars, car accidents, AIDS and malaria, combined.
7.1 million deaths annually. Every year. 7 million people dead. For profit.
I'm sure you've never heard of COPD, which is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but it is one of the top 4 health-related death causes in the world. The other ones are heart problems, stokes, and cancer, which of course you've heard of. Then how come we've never heard of COPD? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that more the 90% of what causes it is, you guessed it - cigarettes.
I know it is not comfortable to talk about, since so many of us are smoking. 
It's not pleasant to talk about it, since it brings guilt, and then the urge for another cigarette. So I really don't know how to approach the issue... 
Perhaps it will help you to know that it is not your fault that you can't stop. 
Cigarettes are addictive in the physical and the emotional aspects, way-way-way more that any substance we've ever seen. It has been proven beyond any doubt (in the masterpiece book "Golden Holocaust") that tobacco companies have had cleverly devious marketing techniques over the last century designed to brainwash us throughout Hollywood films (Carry Bradshaw's sexy smoking), children's toys (specific colors) and candy (remember the chocolate "cigarettes"?), and military services, by sending tons and tons of free cigarette packages to the brave men in the front line. Cigarette smoking then became patriotic, "American", and an encouraged sense of self-pride for tobacco farmers in western USA. They were the "true" Americans.
These days, with the health trend washing over us, many people have moved to smoke "organic",
but unfortunately this is just white-washing. This is because it was proven that even natural, "organic" tobacco has a bizarre quality in them that makes them absorb more radioactive ingredients from the soil, compared to other plants, and science can't explain why. Tobacco companies have known this since the 1950, but have hid it from the public. So even when you smoke "natural" tobacco, it still has harmful substances. Nothing should go into our lungs besides air. Nothing. That is a pure, simple, refreshing fact.
I honestly don't know how tobacco companies CEO's sleep at night,
since cigarettes are considered the most deadly invention in human history.
in 1998, as part of a huge trial, tobacco companies were ordered to release their internal documents. So they went ahead and release 14 million of them, thus overwhelming the public. Obviously there is now way you can read through all that. But one man did. 
Robert N. Proctor from Stanford Uni set down and went through a lot of them, to eventually publish his mentioned book "Golden Holocaust". The conspiracy runs so deep, that he discovered his mentor in Stanford U who recruited him, was actually secretly paid by cigarette companies. 
His book is long, but mind-blowing, and at the time (2012) was a hope for change, creating a lot of fear in cigarettes companies. Since then, 5 years passed, and we see no big change. 
Moreover, cigarette companies these days are targeting developing countries, after regulations became too strict in the developed world. Developing counties have no ability to cope with this mischief, since they have looser regulations for advertising, a lower ability to pass effective laws against them, a lower ability to regulate consumption and legal-age consumption of cigarettes, and poorer public health care services to treat the sickened.
A huge study published just a few months ago discovered that surprisingly, as opposed to logic, even one cigarette a day is as harmful as many. So the new health recommendations since this study is to encourage people to quite altogether, not just lower usage.
You want to save the world? by not smoking, you are not only helping yourselves and your loved ones, you are also literally helping the developing countries, and the environment (cigarette butts are a leading cause for soil and ground-water contamination world wide).
You are also economically suffocating the tobacco companies. And if anyone needs to suffocate, it is them, not you.
The Allan Carr book has been proven to be one of the most effective way to stop smoking. 
Here is a link to it.
Good news, there is a cure for cancer. Stop smoking.
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