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Your Period is a Powerful Energetic Portal

It is mind-blowing for me to realize how many women are suffering and agonizing with period pain, hormonal changes, and how little modern medicine can do to help. This topic is so sensitive and so painful, so present in the everyday lives of so many women.
I wish I could tell them all that there are solutions. Because there are, but none of them is a magic pill. I wish there would be a herbal remedy, or a food supplement that would just make it go away. But that just isn't so.
Us women are very sensitive beings, and we simply cannot have a solution which is only physical, it's just not enough for us, and the picture is much more complex than that. 

Forgive me if I'm stepping on any toes, because I know it could be annoying to hear, but we women need to investigate and explore the emotional aspects of our period pain as well, and understand what we are grieving about. Not because you are "suppressing" emotions and it's all your fault, but because there are many generations of women behind you that did not have the luxury, the abundance, the resources, the emotional intelligence, emotional understanding that you have.
Many generations of women who could not process the thousands and thousands of years of accumulated collective female trauma. And when your womb is speaking now, it is speaking not only for you, but for your mother, and your grandmother, and her mother.
This is not just a metaphysical or mystical notion that I'm talking about. There are actual biological factors, cells and cell organelles that you carry, which started existing many generations ago (Mitochondria). Even the egg which you developed from was created in your grandmother's womb.
Every time that you are on your period, your womb is releasing quantity and quality and layers of tissue with cellular memory that have been accumulating there for who knows how long. Some of these tissue layers have been there only recently, and some have been there for a very long time, carrying a vary ancient pain in them, connected to a very old trauma, which is not just yours, but of a collective feminine pain. And when I say "you", I mean all of us. All women.
Therefore, every period is like a minor birth process of material that the body literally needs to shed, and I only wish we could have the time and ability to take from our busy lives and focus completely to the process when it comes, create releasing, letting go, encouraging physical movements to our womb and pelvic area and allow it to shed, deep healing breaths, deep healing cries, just as we would do when giving birth.
It might not sound realistic in our busy lives to do this every month, but I promise you that if we do find the time for it and go with the process, dive into the depths of our pain with pelvic movement and inner reach into our womb, the whole process will only take an hour, or a few hours, instead of days or weeks of being suffering in our beds.
Really. I've seen it with my own eyes with the hundreds, or thousands of women I've worked with. It might sound too abstract, but I am convinced that any woman who is reading this, knows somewhere deep inside exactly what to do when the pain comes, how to create this small monthly personal ceremony to explore her pain, and has the inner intuition to help her understand exactly what to do, how to move and gently shake her pelvic and womb area, which physical postures are intuitively beneficial for her pain release. What emotional traumas are needing to be processed for her and for her maternal ancestors.
I know this because this is also something that I've seen in so many women. You give them the right space, remind them to breath, move their womb, and nothing more. They already know what to do instinctively. In my workshops, I feel many times like my only role is to open the door and press the "play" button. I need no more than to give them the "cave" mode energy that they need, and the rest is theirs. Then they start to move as their womb needs them to, cry, scream their pain, breath deeply, and release all the pain that have accumulated there in the past month, year, decade, generation. Every month.
It is not a coincidence that this time of the month is "foggy" and you are unable to concentrate. It is your body's instinct to go into cave mode, reach into hidden, deep, unconscious layers that you normally don't have access to, by "shutting" off your conscious part of the brain and guiding you through the obscure paths of your unconsciousness. Our periods, and our entire cycle is a very powerful energetic, channeling gate.
Mind you, the pain will not go away, but it will be transformed from physical pain to an emotional pain. At least when the pain is emotional, we can do something about it. We can cry, grieve it out, release it with our tears and movement.
It is a very important process which you are doing not only for yourself, but for your mothers, who didn't have the emotional tools that you have to process it, since they were still busy surviving. When you do this ritual every month, you cleanse aspects not only of yourself. You are also releasing your feminine ancestors from painful karma.
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