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Chakra Healing

The workshops awaken self-compassion, and usually consist of four
main parts.

1. Chakra awakening meditation. 
The participants tune-in in order to connect with their chakras, listen
to their current functioning state. They then climb up the layers of
the Aura. When they rise from meditation they are now able to self-
diagnose which areas of the Aura or chakras needs attention.
2. Enhancing energetic healing abilities.
Daphna teaches substantial methods and techniques for energetic 
cleansing. The participants receive tools for helping themselves and
their loved ones.
Daphna teaches a quick, simple and easy technique for self-help when
struggling with emotional or physical pain.
3. Practice.
The participants are asked to practice the techniques, while respectfully
focusing on the problematic areas, and help each other cleanse those
parts in themselves needing attention.
This process of helping each-other helps experience the intuitive ability
for Compassion towards another soul, helps the participants grow by humbly
honoring the pain of another human-being, strengthens their self-esteem
through helping someone else and connects them with their inner light which
is awakened through the service for others.
4. We finish-on with a ceremonial meditation to awaken the Universal Love.
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