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Energetic contract for pregnancy 

Writing an energetic contract with the soul/s who are asking to come our Earth.

Take a pen and paper and write down everything you commit to in front of that soul, a soul which is welcome to come at a time that is right for them and you.

If you do it with a partner - they too will write, and it should be open and transparent so that both of you can read it.
If there are more children - ask them what they commit to towards their sibling (if possible) and write it down as well .

3-4 paragraphs:
In the first one you write what you promise to the soul/s that will come.
In the second paragraph your partner writes ,
And in the third paragraph you write what you commit to to each other, because it is important for the soul to also hear the dynamics between the parents.
And in the fourth paragraph your write what the siblings promise .
If there is no partner but you want one, you can write in the contract what kind of partner you promise to the soul that will come. It helps you to commit and be dedicated in searching for a good partner for this soul, who although you have not yet known on the physical realm, both you and the soul, and the soul of the partner are waiting for each other and need to hear the commitment.
If you are using a sperm and/or egg donation, it is also important to acknowledge it in the contract and thank the man or woman who donated the sperm/egg. On the energetic level, they gave all their purest essence with the DNA that came from their lineage and dedicated it to new life to be created, that even if they is not part of it on the physical plane, their lineage would affect the soul’s life from now until forever .
At the end of the contract you and your partner sign your names and hang it in an important place in the house, from now until the end of your life. And now it's a binding contract. One can look at it as a modern "ktuba". If you have other children - let them sign it as well. It is recommended to hang the contract in an important yet intimate place in the house, like the bedroom for example.
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