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About Endometriosis, PMDD, and Collective Pain. 

During my work, I have come to realize that the common ground that many share in PMDD or Endo is grief.
The grief is usually inter-generational, and not necessarily your own.
Most times, it is grief by a trauma that the mother, or the grandmother went through. Many times, the grief and the knowledge of that trauma is completely unconscious and is intertwined in our cells.
On the physical level, we have several cell types that "absorb" memories from the past.
1 - In short: The egg that created you was in your grandmother's womb.
At length: All of a woman's eggs are formed while she is an embryo. That means that when your mother was an embryo, in your grandmother's womb, all of her eggs were already formed. One of these eggs created you.
At the time of the egg formation, all the genetic information and memory in it was loaded onto it, but was manifested only 2 generations later, when you were born.
2 - In short: Within your cells there is a coded information of all the women that have existed in the world.
At length: Mitochondrial DNA is another type of DNA, besides our "regular" DNA, that exists within our cells. The mitochondria's job is to translate food to energy.
Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from the mother's egg, and the male does not contribute any mitochondrial DNA with his sperm.
Mitochondrial DNA is much simpler, has very few genes in it, and is generally much less complex than our regular DNA. Changes (meaning, mutations) happen on a much slower rate with mitochondrial DNA. The changes are so slow in the evolutionary scale, that you can use it as a "clock" and go back to pinpoint the origin of men. More accurately, the origin of women.
In fact, it has already been done. Research on the origin of humankind uses this DNA, and refer to as "mitochondrial Eve" in the scientific world. Cool, huh? You can google it to read more about it.
Ultimately, because mitochondrial DNA encapsulates our entire maternal lineage, I believe that within this DNA lies all the traumatic information that women have experienced throughout history: rape, witch hunts, you name it...
I believe that the collective feminine pain is encoded within every cell of us. Some of us feel it more than others. That's why, in my own humble experience, gynecological issues like PMDD or endometriosis exist. It is the body's reaction to the collective feminine pain.
Healing Exercise
A beautiful exercise that I often suggest to women which helps
explore and heal the collective feminine pain and communicate
with our ancestors [taken from the Family Constellation method]:
Pick an object that represents your mother, another one that
represents your grandmother, and her mother, and so on.
I like to use a different fabric for each (shown in pic).
Spread all objects on the floor and place them in a line that
leads to the Origin.
Then, one by one, take your time and touch or stand on each
ancestor's representation.
Take your time and channel the ancestor through that object/fabric.
What do you hear from her?
What does your ancestor wish to tell you?
What do you wish to tell your ancestor?
When you are ready to, move on to the next ancestor in line.
In my opinion, it is not a coincidence that syndromes like Endo or PMDD have become so high in recent decades. The collective trauma has reached such a pick that it is no longer possible to keep it inside, and the body literally bleeds out the cells of its womb. In my opinion, the body of a woman is bleeding out the pain of all women before her. If you have Endo: It is not your fault.

The number of Endo cases has grown on such a level throughout the world that the general cry cannot be ignored by now. The #MeToo movement has burst out into the world. We can not keep quiet anymore. Endo is a symptom and a product of all of society, and that's why the responsibility is on all of us. And that's why no singular medication will help. There needs to be a systemic and institutional change that will address the entire social system. That is why women have become so active in recent decades in their way to force the establishment to recognize their pain. The Endo forced them into action. It's already happening. Not only a new femininity, but a new masculinity is also created by men. There are already enough brave men who look inside to find change. For them it is also hard to live with the idea that they represent everything that is evil and offensive in the world. These are the men who bring change and an emotional inner movement to the male collective pain.
I know this is not easy to read. I can only try to encourage by sharing that the women I work with on these issues, when we looked back on the collective grief, feet that it is very helpful.
I offer support groups for women who are dealing with Endo and/or PMDD. For six months, we will meet once a week to perform group work and addresses the collective pain, and besides that, once a week every woman will meet with me for a personal healing session to help her individual needs. If you want to join, feel free to contact me.
Love to all,
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