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Healers Training

Online Class, 2023
No previous experience is needed 
Since we are all intuitive healers,
merely needing the guidance and encouragement
to remind us of the path we might have forgotten. 
The classes will focus on healing techniques:
  • Chakra philosophy
  • Aura reading
  • Meridians
  • Crystals and pendulum usage
  • Meditations and guided imagery 
  • Muscle testing as a diagnostic tool 
  • Specified healing techniques for physical and emotional pain, psychosomatic and chronic diseases
  • Soul communication and connection to the Higher Self
  • Self emotional exploration
  • Self energetic discovery
  • Analyzing study cases
  • Planning a series of sessions with a client
  • practicalities: how to open up your practice
350€ per month
Registration Fee: 150€ to be paid once you've passed the initial interview. 
1. Fill in the registration form
2. Book an interview with me.
The purpose of the interview is to ensure the group is cohesive and can work well together to allow true group and personal healing.  
Testimonials from previous participants
"Daphna is such a beautiful, down to earth teacher – I really recommend taking her class. Above all I learned to trust in my bodily intuition and experienced once more how incredibly inter-related our "systems" are: body with emotions and mind and language, we with others, we with nature, we with The Other. Thank you, Daphna!"
"I feel better connected to all chakras. Those moments between the courses when I suddenly felt the energy of
my 2nd and 3rd chakras, or when I suddenly felt the energy from the earth...
I feel I am evolving again, things are starting to move, no more stagnation. To perceive the earth and my first chakra as a
​source of energy, something fun and enriching... not just the heavy opposite of light, is something I am very thankful for."
"On the first meeting, after the grounding meditation, I had a deep, powerful sensation of thankfulness, of connection and belonging to this world and to humanity, and felt amazing rushes of pure energy.
Just now, after practicing the final healing technique, I was moved so deeply and I discover with more and more confidence that I am a magician. That my abilities can develop more and more to infinity. 
I thank you, Daphna, for your kind presence, your smile and your pleasant voice, that allowed us all to feel so freely and open up. 
I thank myself that I have invested time and money, and it was so worth it. 
I thank you, Daphna, for the time and money that you invested, to study and practice this material so that you could pass it forward. Thank you medicine woman!"
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