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About our cervix

First of all - what is it and where is it?
It is easiest to imagine the cervix as the tip of the balloon we blow out of. The cervix is ​​like the "mouth" of the uterus, and is kind of hanging from it to the vagina. In the attached picture*, you can see all the organs - fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and cervix. For the illustration the vagina is "cut" and we see the cervix through it. We also see the connective tissue that looks like a "fan", connecting all the organs to keep them in place.
Honestly - the cervix looks exactly like glans (the "dome") of the penis... Ugh. Sorry about that.
For those of you that are interested, I am also attaching a link of a real photo series of the cervix, taken every day, throughout the month. It varies greatly throughout the month: how open is it, how long or short is it, how swollen is it, and how soft or cartilaginous it is.
Open, short, swollen, soft = the fertile days leading to ovulation.
Closed, long, shrunken, cartilaginous = infertile days.
And why is our cervix important?
Being the opening that connects the insides: the wonderful inner container called the uterus, and the vagina, that meets the whole world - whether he wanted to or not, unfortunately, many times -
the cervix is ​​busy accumulating a lot of trauma into its tissue.
It really needs healing, for many of us.
You can touch it! Go visit it with your finger - only after asking it if it wants to - and massage it with love. It's very easy to find, just there at the end of the vagina, hanging there, waiting to tell us the things it accumulated we should bring healing to.
We usually have no sensation there, so don't expect any pleasure, but the emotional healing you will feel when establishing communication with it - priceless.
Every woman has the right to know her body better than her gynecologist, and to reclaim ownership over these organs - they are mine and only mine.
The cervix is, literally, within touching distance of you.
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