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About Central Sensitization
It is very difficult to understand the difference between acute pain and chronic pain. We imagine pain as something sharp that appears, and disappears.
But when it comes to chronic pain the situation is different.
In addition to the response to the pain itself, there occurs a phenomenon called central sensitization: when pain signals constantly and non-stop reach the brain, a permanent neural condition is created in which the pain intensifies and the threshold of sensitivity to pain decreases.
In contrast to acute pain - where the brain receives a signal that there is pain, and after a solution is given a signal is received that the pain is over,
in the process of central sensitization this relaxation signal is not received, for reasons that are not properly understood. Instead there is a process of heightened excitability - that is, over-reactivity of the nervous system to things that are supposed to feel normal - even light touch.
It doesn't make sense in the evolutionary and it is not clear why this is happening. It is looked as a faulty reaction of the exhausted nervous system: All receptors are too "exposed" and the body is very sensitive to pain, all the time.
This is the case with syndromes that are accompanied by a lot of pain, like fibromyalgia, endometriosis, chronic musculoskeletal pain - the body is already exhausted, very sensitive at the nerve level to pain, even mild, of any kind.
Think how exhausting it affects the quality of life... how quickly you can get get depressed on the physical and emotional level.
It is very difficult to deal with, very difficult to contain, and very difficult for other people (even doctors) to contain, because in general it is very difficult for us to contain pain. So it's easier to say you're imagining or exaggerating. It is also easier for the woman herself to believe or think that she is imagining or exaggerating. But she is not!
By the way, on a much lower level, that's how we are before menstruation. The threshold for sensitivity to pain decreases in the days before menstruation and so physically and emotionally we are more sensitive to pain or a gentle touch. That explains a few things, doesn't it?
I'm detailing here a healing technique for general care that can be done on the subject by yourself, if you're dealing with the issue.
We basically want to fix this disrupted mechanism in response to pain and re-teach the body how to activate or put the nervous system back into a state of calm or balanced reactivity.
so, we give the body operating instructions!
Take a note and write on it:
"Operating Instructions: Balancing and Regulating the Nervous System"
Now hold the note in your hand, and press with your finger for one minute on each of the meridian points in the pictures, in order.
You will know to recognize the points because when you reach the exact location you will feel a slight sensitivity.
6 points in total, clockwise. Each point - one minute.
Starting with the right hand (first point: LI4),
Then moving to the area next to the elbow (LI11)
then the left hand (same 2 points: starting with LI11 near the elbow, and then moving to LI4 on the back of the hand),
Passing on the left foot (one point: Liv3),
Pass on the right foot (same point),
And finally pressing again on the first point to close a circle.
These points you went through are key points for healing according to Chinese medicine, and are "re-shuffling" and re-synchronizing the body's aura and.
Try it, it helps!
Hug and health to all,
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