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Thoughts About Pain, or: Why We Are Awesome.

Pain can be very useful.
We were all birthed into this world accompanied by the pain of our
mothers. And for a good reason.
The pain forced them to be in the moment, in the Here&Now, to be
fully immersed in the miracle of creation. 
So pain can bring with it huge amounts of concentration in the
present moment.
Pain can also bring our authenticity forward. It can strip us down
to the core of our being. Only in time of true pain, we allow
ourselves to become honest and sincere with our emotions and
feelings towards others. Only when we are faced with tremendous
amounts of pain, we allow ourselves to express ourselves the way we really want to. 
Pain forces us to become more alive, more authentic.
It can also activate a feeling of compassion towards others. It helps us see how beautiful they are. It helps us remember what Love is. With enough practice, it could help trigger self-compassion, to ourselves also.
But what happens when the cause and effect are reversed? 
What happens when we want all these wonderful things that pain can teach us, and so we unconsciously ask for more pain to be let in our lives?
What happens when we become addicted to this pain?
We were taught, so many times, that we are only worthy of receiving when we feel pain. So we start to use it. Implement it more and more into our lives. 
We are willing to suffer, just to feel the compassion upon us. 
We victimize ourselves just to feel a loving hug. 
Sure, pain can activate Love, but it doesn't have to be the only thing that activates it.
Because the thing is, that deep down inside, we know. 
We know. 
We remember that inner spark, 
well hidden inside, 
that really knows how AWESOME everything is. Right now. 
It really knows it.
It can feel it so vividly.
How wonderful everything is.
That inner wisdom that knows how lucky we are to be alive. 
And here. 
And now.
That inner spark that knows how much we LOVE. 
Just LOVE. 
It's just, we usually don't - or, at least, didn't, up until this moment - allow ourselves to express this awesomeness, because we didn't have the excuse of the pain to strip us down to the vividness of it. 
But maybe we don't need the pain to discover our inner core?
No one will judge you if you express your AWESOMENESS right now, regardless of the presence or absence of deep pain. 
To be walking around with sparkling eyes, feeling awesome, shining, so-so lucky - will only create waves that will spark that awesomeness in the next person, and then the next. 
You do not need any excuse to shine, right here and right now. 
You do not need pain as an excuse to feel really alive, because you already are.
And you are AWESOME.
~ LOVE  ~
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