The Flu season is coming...

It seems as though everyone is getting sick these days... 
From my experience, the main 3 issues that get out of alignment in this time of year are our Lung Meridian, Stomach Meridian and Throat (5th) Chakra. 
Here's a little about why, why now and what can you do about it.
It's like the chicken and the egg. Who knows what happens first, is it that those 3 centers become weak, and so we become more susceptible to outside influences (such as viruses or bacteria?) Or is it the other way around – we get sick and then those 3 energetic centers weaken?
In any case, it is helpful to take time to realign them. It will make you feel better too.
Here's how:
Our lung meridian deals with emotional issues such as grief, loss and sadness. It would be the first one to be depleted when we go through a process of grief or letting go of something, or someone, or some idea that we don't want to let go off. 
It also holds with vitality and life-force when it is balanced, giving us a breath of fresh air to our lives, literally. 
Whatever the issue is, this is your body's way of telling you about it. If you'll allow yourself to feel this pain on the emotional level, you'll feel better physically. It doesn't mean that you won't feel pain, just that you'll feel it differently. So you can choose the path that's more comfortable for you in your reality now. If you don't have the means or time or ability to process that issue emotionally – let your body do it for you. Whichever path you choose is OK. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and to your body.
Our stomach meridian is about anxiety, constant worrying, obsessive thoughts. Just as our stomach is in charge of grinding our food, the stomach meridian would be the one that grinds all those thoughts over and over again, or at least tries to do it for us. It is the one that's activated when we worry about our future. It is also the one that tries to "digest" hard situations in our lives for us, when we can't do so with our minds. Stop and ask yourself – what is it that's hard for me to 'digest'? When you figure out the answer, tell your stomach – 'thank you, I can now process this issue with my awareness.'
Our throat chakra is responsible for our communication abilities. If you have a sore throat, stop and ask yourself – what is it that I'm not saying, and to whom? And why?
If it's possible – say it to that person (or was it to yourself?). It would make you feel so much better, not only emotionally, but also physically. Really, I have seen it so many times: the minute that issue is being spoken – a huge relief comes too, and the pain is gone.
It's also interesting to stop and wonder: Why now?
Why is it always on this this time of year, when the weather is changing, that those 3 energetic centers get weaken? Who knows, but for some reason, during those 2 gates – the beginning of fall and spring – we become more sensitive. Maybe it's something that happens on a collective human level. Maybe times of change are our times to release, grieve, let go of our worries, and enhance our communicative abilities. Maybe it's the winds of change that call us every year, signals us to realign. To stop, understand the signal, and reset.
Much health to us all, and Love.