Energetic Healing Training Program

7 weekend modules of intensive training program
for future healers, wishing to become professional 
in energetic healing.​
7 weekend Moduls, 98 hours in class total
102 hours of healing sessions practice
7 hours of individual supervision
In this training we learn to become energetic
intuitive healers. 
We explore the psychological and emotional
behavioral worlds of the client , learn 
the diagnostic technique of "muscle testing", 
about the chakras and the aura,
empower and strengthen the radiating healing
energy in the palm of our hands,
learn meditation, guided imagery and healing 
techniques and exercises.
By diving into an inner emotional and energetic
personal journey, we will learn how to heal others
by growing in our selves.
Besides practicing healing techniques, strengthening
your intuitive healing abilities, a major emphasis is
also done on analyzing case studies, on receiving
guidance and having professional supervision on the
healing sessions you give. 
And finally - you will receive tools and ethical
rules-to-follow for opening and maintaining your own
successful practice to be able to fully serve those in need of your help. 
No previous experience is needed since we are all healers, merely needing the guidance and encouragement to remind us of the path we might have forgotten. 
The classes will focus on healing techniques:
  • Chakra philosophy
  • Aura reading
  • Muscle testing 
  • Fundamental meridian knowledge
  • Energetic healing touch
  • Crystal and pendulum usage
  • Correct emotional client-practitioner communication
  • Emotional and physical behaviors analysis
  • Meditations and guided imagery 
  • Specific healing techniques for physical and emotional pain, psychosomatic and chronic diseases
  • Working with trauma and sexual abuse
  • Soul communication and connection to spiritual decisions
  • How to plan a thorough healing process (full series of sessions) from beginning to end
  • Home practice on clients
  • Personal supervisions with teacher via Skype
  • Case report analysis
  • Technicals: pricing, marketing, managing your business
During the course, you will be practicing:
1. Giving one-time healing sessions for 4 people every month.
This is important to practice how to ​give instant healing to new and unfamiliar clients.
2. ​​Giving a 10-series sessions to 6 people throughout the year.
This is important ​to practice how to have a healing process from beginning to end.
3. Giving and receiving 2 exchanges per month with a classmate every month: You give twice, and receive twice.
This is important for your own healing purposes, to cleanse your energies and stay energetically balanced.
4. One supervision meeting with teacher every month, via Skype.
This is important for your individual supervision and analysis of healing sessions.​
5. On each class you are required to submit a case report on the healing sessions performed during the month.
Case reports will be analyzed during classes (anonymously). 
All healing sessions you give will be offered for a symbolic price of 10€ per session to create commitment, and people receiving healing from you must be informed that their case will be discussed anonymously during classes.
Participation in all classes is required.
If you miss a class, you will need to catch up the material on your own, a private class with teacher is necessary (extra payment, 80€ per hour)​.
*Full program (syllabus) (pdf)*
  • 2800€ / or: 7 monthly payments of 415€ per month.  
A receipt will be issued upon payment.
A printed booklet course will accompany the classes.
An "Energetic Healer" Certificate will be issued.
Testimonials from previous participants: 
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