Fertility Treatments - Lectures

Fertility treatments can be a wonderful way to help a woman fulfill her 
However, these treatments also carry side effects.
Women often find themselves confused and overwhelmed with information
and in need of emotional support. It is very important to teach and guide
patients and professional workers in the field, and investigate fertility 
treatments from all angles -
1. Understanding the treatment protocols and procedures for Gynecology
IVF and IUI (intrauterine insemination), the side effects to be expected in order to give an
appropriate response.
2. Gaining an up-to-date review about alternative medicine practices in the topic of fertility.
3. Creating an emotional support which is so needed while dealing with the fear of losing control of the body, with the crushed fantasy of the magical and romantic creation of life and introducing the artificial instead.
4. Addressing emotional limiting beliefs which might prevent pregnancy, either directly while working with the client, or providing tools for western and integrative medicine health workers.
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fertility treatments