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Emotional Female Anatomy

Our bodies are screaming with pain and disease.
Just look at these list of problems,
many of which we've all experienced.
Yeast infections
Vaginal infections
Burning sensation
Polycystic ovaries
Ovarian cyst rupture
Uterine cysts
Urinary tract infection
Uterine cysts
Uterine prolapse
Fertility problems.
And of course, the fear of cancer.
Cervical cancer
Ovarian cancer
Uterine cancer
Breast cancer
So many of us feel hatred, disgust, shame,
disconnection from this region, the "down there". 
By the hairiness, the weird skin-folds, wrinkles and
creases, the smells and weird odors, the blood, the
fluid discharge. 
We don't want to talk about these stuff,
It is uncomfortable to look down there and face it.
But underneath the surface we are all dealing with the same issues.
With the lack of communication with the area.
As though it is an area waiting for a disaster, we are wondering, without any access to the area - What is going on down there?! Yet we don't look. 
Let us become courageous enough to stop and listen. Let us become our own healer.
Let us bring back the knowledge into our own hands. 
Let us gain the courage to 'lift up our skirts',
To look downwards and face our vessel with a sense of compassion, of curiosity, exploration, knowledge, fascination,
of the self discovery. Of admiration even.
There is so much beauty and wisdom going on down there, 
So many secrets our that our bodies are waiting to share with us.
What is this whole ovulation thing?
What are all these hair, holes, wrinkles and folds? 
What are all those liquids doing?
Why is this blood there?
Why the pain?
What happens when I take the pill?
Why do I 'freak out' some times of the month?
Why do all these diseases happen? 
What is my body trying to tell me?
When I gain the knowledge, when it is I who knows
 We reclaim ownership of my body. 
We remind myself that this is mine, not my doctor's, not my partner's, ex-partners', my sexual abusers'...
I, foremost and before anyone else, 
I deserve to know, 
To become comfortably familiar with my body, 
To understand, 
To deeply connect, 
To communicate with my vessel. 
Not only in the context of disease, 
But to understand it also when it is healthy.
This is true preventative medicine. true healing.
The greatest gift we were given in this life is our bodies - 
The vessel that is here to serve us while our soul is manifested in physicality.
we reclaim ownership in the deepest sense with my lower parts,
And make a covenant of connection and listening.
This is what this course is about.
We will explore everything that is going down there, 
From the physiological and anatomical perspectives,
From the emotional and energetic perspectives,
Gain intellectual knowledge,
Become emotionally intelligent and aware,
Communicative with our bodies,
Use the biological knowledge, the emotional talk, meditations, movement, sharing circles, exercises, homework,
Get to know the insides.
Turn the 'down there' into right here: Me.
Zohar Ren Karni is a wonderful dula and teacher that I often combine forces with. We both have been working with women around public health issues, (w)holistic gynecology and fertility, together and separately, for many years. Sometimes we teach the courses together, and sometimes apart.
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